Sunday, August 21, 2011

World's Healthiest Foods

After I had some time to process my new issue of blood clotting, I started to do some research on foods that have the nutreients I need like folate, vitamin D, magnesium etc. I found a great website to share.

On this site, you can search for a nutrient and it will list all the foods that have it,but the best part is that they are sorted by a health index. You can also search for a food and see what it is it.
I did  a few searches and did  a print selection so I only go the table. Now I am going to look at the lists to see what I eat that is healthy so I eat more of it and try to add some new ones.
There is  a sample chart below. I only copied a small portion since this one is three pages long. Another great feature is the recipe search. You can click on the nutrient you want and it will create a recipe. The recipe shows the nutrients in it.

World's Healthiest Foods ranked as quality sources of:
Foods Rating
Romaine lettuce2 cup15.7151.9838.043.6excellent
Spinach, boiled1 cup41.4262.8065.728.6excellent
Asparagus, boiled1 cup43.2262.8065.727.4excellent
Turnip greens, cooked1 cup28.8170.5042.626.6excellent
Mustard greens, boiled1 cup21.0102.7625.722.0excellent
Calf's liver, braised4 oz-wt187.1860.70215.220.7excellent
Parsley, fresh2 tbs2.711.402.919.0good
Kelp (sea vegetable)0.25 cup8.636.009.018.8very good
Collard greens, boiled1 cup49.4176.7044.216.1excellent

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