Monday, August 1, 2011

Teachers Pay Teachers is Having a Sale  is a great site where teachers are able to sell materials that they create. The prices are very reasonable. (They are trying out a new site design at

The site is having a sale from August 1 through Saturday, August 6th.
To get 10% OFF use PROMO CODE B1T1S. 

I have a store where I sell math  materials that have been tested with my class. I teach 6th grade math, but most of my materials could be used for other grade levels.

I am going to offer a sale for an additional 10% on top of the sale by TPT.
My sale will also run from 8/1 to 8/6. 
Check my products on Teachers Pay Teachers
You will see the 10% at my store and then you will get the additional  discount when you check out and use the code  B1T1S.
My most popular items are my math bingo games.
They are
Order of operations
Solving equations
Solving proportions
Customary Capacity
4 quadrant coordinates
If you know someone who would be interested, please send them a link to TPT. 
Teachers spend hours of their own time making the perfect materials for their classroom. It is nice to see others enjoying our work. The money helps out too. I use some of the money I make to shop at other teacher's stores. The rest is used to help pay for all the supplements I buy for TTC.

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