Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I have been waiting to hear from my napro dr about whether or not he will do another surgery on me. I am trying to be patient but, it has been driving me crazy. At the end of today I had still not heard from him, so I decided that I would call the office tomorrow.

I get home from work and eat some Kashi cookies. I eat them a lot bc they have chicory in them and this helps with digestion. Then I go upstairs to see about ordering some chicory bc I thought maybe I would just want the pills if I ever get tired of the cookies. Well, Holy crap. I start to see some stuff pop up about how you are not supposed to eat chicory when you are pregnant. They said it stimulates AF to come on and can cause  a mc. Now they did not mention the amount you have to eat, but still OMG. I eat chicory every day. So now I start to freak out but I am running late for zumba. I leave and get to class on time. One of my friends says she tried to call me but it went straight to voicemail. I did not get any message icon. I had to reboot my phone and then I see two missed calls and  text.

After class is over, I find out that my Dr called me TWICE............ERGHHH I was so pissed that I missed his call. I was embarrassed that he wasted his time, when I was there at my phone all along but the stupid thing did not register the calls. Then I listen to his message in the parking lot. He is unsure about this bc he is afraid that if he takes out too much ovarian tissue that I could get hot flashes. Then his second call he said to call him back and then we could discuss it briefly. OMG. So I started to cry. It sounded like he gave up on me. He did not say oh not let's not do surgery bc I have some other great ideas................ugh........I know that I need to talk to him first before I get too upset. I think the chicory thing on top of this made me extra sensitive. I know that he is a great dr and is very conservative and always tells me the worst case scenario so I can make an informed decision. I remember he told me that too much folic acid can cause cancer. That he did scare be but Hot Flashes is another story............I am not sure what to do..............ugh... I may just see about the doing only the hysteroscpy bc I am more worried that my polyps came back......

Now I cannot eat my favorite kashi products bc even if there is a small amount of chicory I cannot take the chance. UGGGGG

 Herbs to Avoid During Preconception and Pregnancy


  1. I'm so sorry that you missed your doctor's phone call. As you know I've been playing phone tag with PPVI and it hasn't been easy!

    I hope that you get to talk to your doctor soon!

  2. Wow! That would blow my mind too ... something you love to eat is harmful to you. Its hard to not react when you find that out.
    I hope you can contact your doc soon. I'm glad he's more conservative for your sake, but I hope he'll take a chance on you too! I hate playing phone tag with doctors. It is one of THE most frustrating things.
    Keep us posted! I'm saying a prayer for you right now.


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