Saturday, January 14, 2012

What a Great Day!

Yesterday I had a great day!

I woke up and had a pos OPK. I love seeing those two blue lines bc they might just be the only ones I ever see. It is also a reassurance that part of my system is working. This happened on CD15 which is great. That is back to my usual. Last month it was much later due to stress. I took my trigger.

Later on that day my dr's office called and made an apt for next week. I was happy to hear back and have something written down. It was Friday, dress down day, and a pay day, so that just made it even better.

My work situation continues to improve. My boss gave me a compliment on something I did. I had to work on something with the teachers that I had an issue with in Sept. I did a great job collaborating and then I came up with a great idea and everyone loved it. I was so happy to hear that. I enjoy working there and I want to be able to move forward.

After school I was just cleaning my room when my cell phone rings and it was my napro Dr. =)   I told him that I just made an apt to talk with him next week. =)  He is so great. I love the compassion and positive energy in his voice. We spoke about doing the lap surgery. He said that there is a possibility that if he takes away too much tissue I could go into early menopause. Yikes. At this point I am not willing to risk that. Then we talked about how all my napro stats are great. I mentioned the polyps and how I was worried that they may have come back in the past 3 years. He agreed to do the hysteroscopy and also check my tubes. I am so thrilled. I told him that I need to know that my uterus is in top shape before I get into any more medications. The dr that did the last one 3 years ago was not napro so I am excited to have my napro surgeon get a good look and give me his expert opinion.

We also spoke about using nsaids to calm down inflammation. I have heard many people talk about using them. I have always avoided them due to my lufs, since nsaids can make it worse. My Dr said that there is some research that a specific nsaid can help with implantation. He suggested that I only use it post peak after the threat of lufs is over. I also have thick blood, so this will thin it also. I did a google search and found an article on  piroxicam and implantation rates    The implantation rate was 12.3 vs. 7.7% (p-value = 0.04) and the clinical pregnancy rate was 25.5 vs. 10% (p-value = 0.015) in the piroxicam vs. control groups, respectively.  

Even though the article is talking about IVF, we can use this information for non ivf too. It mentioned  prostaglandins which is something people like me with endo have issues with. It said that they can increase uterine contractions and decrease receptivity of embryo and nsaids block prostaglandins. I am going to try this after my procedure.


  1. I'm so glad your doc is going to do the hysteroscopy! And I am thrilled that things at work are going so great ... especially in you being recognized for a great idea by your previously nasty co-workers. :-)

  2. I can hear the HOPE in between the lines! Here's to many more great days for you!!

  3. This is so full of hope and anticipation. Prayers!

  4. So glad about the the positive opk and such a good conversation with napro MD...Dr. KB?? gosh, I miss him :( Glad things are better at school and they are appreciating you!!

    Listen, I thought I added your email to the list for my blog. I tried to find it on your blog- I cant. Email me at lebecroseAT aol DOT com and I will add you- I am so sorry Simone!!!


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