Sunday, January 8, 2012

New ideas?

Today is CD10, so AF already came and went. No surprise there. My DH was sweet this month. I usually do not tell him when I get a bfn, I will just wait for af, I guess I still cling on to that last chance miracle. This time I told him the day I took the test. He came home that night and brought me a rose. It was a sweet gesture. We usually do not even talk about it. This time it was nice to bring it out into the open. We talked about the future. I am getting to the point of hitting another dead end. I have been here before. Last year I was at a dead end with my LUFS and then I found something to treat it and also my immune issues.

My latest plan was to address the blood clotting disorders with lovenox. I did that for three months in a row. I am not sure if it is doing anything. I see the hematologist in March. I am taking this month off from the us monitoring apts, and lovenox This way I can let my body relax from the welts and bruises from the shots and the blood thinners since they have a risk of osteoporosis. I am still going to take the trigger so I do not get a cyst. I will most likely take the progesterone. I need to take a break while I go over my options.

I would like to have another napro surgery. I wrote my Dr. a letter and I am waiting for his call to discuss it with him. I had my endo removed 2 years ago. I had uterine polyps removed 3 years ago. My right ovary is now covered in endo and does not work. I am worried that since it took me two years to discover my immune issue that my polyps came back. I do not even know if my tube is still open. We all know that surgery  can be a game changer for many. My friend had been TTC for 5 years. Then she had surgery and bam 3 months later got pg.

I have also been searching the web for anything else I have missed. I found some information on Ferritin levels. It seems that if your level is too low that can cause infertility and if your level is too high that can also cause infertility. So you cannot just take supplements if you do not know what your level is. I am going to ask to get that tested. My CBC came back normal last week. Your hemoglobin measures your short term iron levels and the ferritin measures your long term storage. Has anyone ever had this checked out? I am the point of checking anything that has even the slightest chance.

I found these articles

Then I saw something about thyroid  that sounded just like me. My tests came back normal but yet I have the symptoms below. I know that many women get their thyroid treated and it works. I am not sure if I want to mess around with my thyroid.
  • "If you have a tendency to constipation, cold intolerance, dry skin and thin hair, and/or temperatures which run under 98.2 during the day, there is a good chance your thyroid may be slightly underactive despite normal blood tests. In the absence of underlying heart disease, a trial of a low dose of thyroid hormone (e.g. Armour Thyroid 1/2 grain a day) may help you get pregnant and has a low risk of causing problems." 
 My plan for now is to research new ideas and wait to talk with my Dr. I am hoping to have surgery next month, see the hematologist in March and then have a new plan in April.


  1. Yes! I'm being treated for thyroid! I take Synthroid/Levothyroxine (had my left half of my thyroid removed) bu am taking T3 for the low temps, cold, etc. it's prescribed thru Dr. Keefe at PPVI. I think it will help if you haven't tried it already.

  2. Yes, thyroid is crucial, also helps your adrenals work better when the thyroid is under control.
    Reading this brings me back to when I was doing one test and one treatment after another after another... it is SO exhausting, even reading about your journey right now. I want you to know how much I admire your perseverance at this time, because I KNOW... it is NOT easy to be going 90mph for so long.

  3. The thyroid symptoms sounds like me, minus the constipation (but supposedly I have ulcerative colitis). It took getting my bloodwork run at PPVI to finally get diagnosed with being hypothyroid. None of my tests here in Canada indicated that there was anything wrong.

    Your tenacity is amazing!

  4. Make sure you get tested for reverse T3. Reverse T3 dominance is also known as Wilson's syndrome. Unfortunately it is not common and many doctors either have not heard of it, or "don't believe in it". There are very few drs who would run a T3 test as part of a regular thyroid panel screen, which is why you have to specifically ask for it. I have it and have been treating it for 2 years with slow release T3 (triiodithyronine- this is not the same as thyroxine). It has not cured my recurrent miscarriage, but I feel a lot less tired and awful all the time. Here is a link to a site I found useful, but you might want to google about on your own.

  5. Ok ladies, so you got me thinking so I went back and checked. I had my reverse t3 tested two years ago. It was 329. Is that normal? My Tsh is always around 1 and I have had that tested more than once. I looked online and it seemed to be in range but sometimes the range for IF can be different than for general health. I also had anti-thyroid antibodies tested and they came back normal.
    Thanks for the kind words. They help me to push forward. I am just so close that I do not want to stop yet.

  6. I thought I already posted on this entry, but now I come back, I can't see it anywhere. Did you check out Wilson's syndrome (reverse T3 dominance)? What is important is not the outright number of Rt3, but the ratio between Rt3 and T3. It is worth looking around the internet for more info on this. I did have a good site, but the link no longer works for some reason. Let me know if you find something useful.

  7. I have only been taking natural thyroid supplements for 5 days and I am amazed! Before i started taking natural thyroid I did not have energy to do anything - but now i can do my chores a can play with my kids.


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