Friday, March 9, 2012

Lots of Blood Tests

This is the time of year that school budgets get discussed. It is so sad that schools have to make so many cuts. Everyone is sad at work. I cannot believe that the president would make huge education reforms, make teacher evaluation tied to the test scores at the same time that  most schools are cutting tons of teachers and increasing class sizes. Nothing is set in stone yet. It is just so stressful and I try not to think about it. The other day they mentioned that the music teachers might get  cut. One of them has a small baby with major health issues. She is having trouble paying her bills and now she may lose her job. I started to wonder if I should be so greedy and want kids and a job. I have been blessed with a job when many do not. I started to feel guilty about it.ugh. My dh said to keep trying and not give up.

I am getting closer and closer to going back into the fight. It has be awesome these past few months not doing any shots. I have to admit that I still had TTC on the brain, but that is less painful than injections to the belly. I spoke to the hematologist last week. She upped my dose of blood thinners to 40mg. I waited all week to get a call from the mail order pharmacy. When I called today, the guy told me that my prescription came in and started to set up the order. I went through almost the whole thing and even paid for the medicine. He does the recap and mentioned 30mg.I said oh no she raised it to 40mg and then my cell phone died. Ugh so I panicked and ran to find a phone. I called back and got a different rep. She said that my prescription did not come in. She said that my last script was from December and that must have been what he saw. HMMM I told her that he set up the whole order. She was able to fix it and then said she would fax my Dr to get the script. One of the many lessons I have learned is to start setting up the meds a month or two before you want them. If they get the script  then they can mail it to me on Thursday.

I also got some more blood drawn for immune tests. Two of them are repeats since I have not had them done in 6 months and there is one new one. I had 9 vials of blood drawn. Thankfully I got a great nurse and it did not hurt when she swapped the vials. I was able to go down there on my break and get back on time. Those tests will take about a week to come in. One test was sent out to Colorado to be tested and the others went to Illinois.

I also requested to have some tests run locally and I hope to get those done tomorrow. So in about a week, I should have lots of test results to go over, and some medicine. The last part of the puzzle is to speak to the Reproductive Immunologist. I have not spoken to him in months. I do not like talking to him bc he charges and arm and a leg, is  two hours late for the apt and then he hurries you along. I know that he is very intelligent and I just have to deal with him so I can make a plan. I want to get all my test results in before I speak to him.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear of the cutbacks at your school. We haven't had to let teachers go, but so many get transferred because of declining enrollment. How stressful.

    Good luck with all of those blood tests!

  2. arrgghhhh..cutbacks...its really tough now for teachers...sending you prayers!!

    I am praying for good results from all your tests!

    Hope are well and you have been in my prayers~


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