Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Getting Back Into the Game

After sitting on the bench for the past three months, I'm finally going  getting back into the game. In case you are just tuning in, I took off some time to get more tests run and had a hyteroscopy where they removed tons of tiny polyps.

Today is CD3 I had my baseline US apt. My favorite nurse was there so I was able to request her. She is so wonderful and it makes such a difference. She takes her time with me. There are some nurses who are tired of seeing me and rush. She is thorough and respects that I am going natural etc. I have a big history with lufs and cysts. I was worried what crazy stuff my ovaries had been up to since I had not seen them in 3 months.

She took a good look and then did not see any cysts. I was so excited. This is a rare treat for me. YEAH. That probably means I ovulated on my own last month, which is huge since I did not take a trigger.....YEAH. I am so glad that I am starting off right. She checked both ovaries and they both have some small buds. My right ovary that is covered with an endometrioma and only has a sliver of tissue left also had some buds. I cannot express how thrilled I am that my ovaries behaved.

This week I will take antibiotics. I started taking them for my TEBB. Even though it  has not returned in the last 3 months, I decided to take the ab just in case. I start neupogen for my NK cells and lovenox for my 5 blood clotting issues this weekend. So two shots to the belly. ugh. I go back next week for a follicle check. Then we see when I take my trigger.

I can't help getting my hopes up. It is nuts,but this is such a good sign that I have to go with it.

I wanted to schedule a follow up with the fancy reproductive immunologist in NYC. I have had lots of new tests run since last June when I last spoke with him. Since I live hours away, I always did phone consults. He would charge 350  but then only speak to me for 5 min.This time I wanted to get more time to go over them properly. Plus, I would be able to see what he is doing. Is he reading my chart, or staring out the window? I figured I would get better service face to face

I had my DH call bc I cannot stand dealing with his office staff. Well, it seems that this Dr has decided to drop out of network. This means that now I will have to pay the same amount if I go in person or not.  I told my DH that I still want to go face to face to get the most out of my money. Also if I go in person my dh will go with me.

I know it sounds nuts that I would put up with all of his nonsense, but he is brilliant and is up on the newest stuff. He is the one who suggested a lupron trigger which was a huge breakthrough for me. I am at the end of my road here, so I need someone who is willing to try anything. My napro dr found inflammation in my uterus so I need to address that.


  1. I hope and pray that this is a successful cycle and that you figure out what to do with the doc in NYC!

  2. So many great things happening! I will pray that your doc will have the exact right thing to do that will work for you!

  3. Sorry about the two shots to the belly. Have you tried putting ice beforehand? It can help with the bruising.

  4. Inflammation and TEBB. If those two would just go away, a lot of infertility would hopefully be solved. I'm glad you had a great nurse!


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