Saturday, March 17, 2012

Traffic Ticket and Blood Tests Results

My speeding ticket:
I got a speeding ticket at the end of December. I had to go to court this week to speak to the ADA to see if I could get it reduced.  When I got there and saw that the room was already full of people I knew it would be a long night. You sign in and then they call you up to speak to the ADA for like a min in the corner but it was still in front of everyone. I sat there and watched everyone go up and listened to see what kind of deal they got. It seemed that everyone got a large reduction on their pts but had to pay $150 fine. Then it was my turn. I got up there and I was all set to plead my case but he already had a deal without hearing any info from me. He reduced it from 6 pts to 2 pts. Then I had to also pay a fine of $150 plus the state surcharge of 85. So for my first offense I had to pay a large fine and also get two pts. I am not complaining bc it could have been 6 pts plus at least $300. So this is ok with me. I am just glad that this two month drama is finally over. I can go to a defensive driving course and remove my pts.

My blood tests came back. I have to speak to the dr but I have some ideas on the results thanks to the Internet and my past experiences.

I tested positive for another blood clotting disorder.  That puts my total up to five  which includes  PAI-1 4G/5G that is mentioned below. I think I have been tested for 9 or ten, so I have about half of them. Sometimes it amazes me that I even walk around. It seems that I really need the blood thinners. My hematologist upped my dose to 40mg once a day. It is hard to know if this is enough, bc she said I am her only IF patient. Her others are all pg women with RPL and she wants to give me the same dose as them.

 My natural Killer cells were high, but about the same as usual. This was what I expected to see. When I start TTC again, I will go back on the med to lower this. My  TNF was a little higher than my usual but still in the normal range.

My Vitamin D level is getting better each time. I am very pleased to report that it is now up to 46. It is so great when something works correctly. 1,000 equals 10 pts and that is what has been happening with me. I have been taking 3,000 so now I am going to add another  1,000.

My ferritin level was low. It was 37 which seems normal  in the lab's range, but everything I read online stated that under 40 caused fertility issues. Some sites mentioned wanting a level near 60. So I am going to slowly ease in some supplements in order to prevent GI distress.

My folate level is still really high but it came down a lot since the last time I was tested. A few months back, I was taking  a high dose folate supplement for my MTHFR. I reduced the dose after the test came back much higher than the range. Since it is still outside of the normal range, I am going to reduce it some more. I eat a lot of salad so I guess I do not need to supplement that much.

Here is something I found online.

While the role of inherited thrombophilia has been accepted as a cause of recurrent late pregnancy complications, the contribution of mutated thrombophilic genes to implantation failure has not been studied. Proteins involved in fibrinolysis are necessary for trophoblast invasion into the endometrium. This study compared the prevalence of 10 thrombophilic gene mutations among 42 women with a history of recurrent implantation failure after IVF–embryo transfer with 20 fertile control women. Buccal swabs were taken from all of the women for DNA analyses. Women with a history of implantation failure after IVF–embryo transfer displayed a higher prevalence of PAI-1 4G/5G mutations than controls (P = 0.007). No differences in the frequency of the other specific gene mutations were detected. However, the prevalence of total gene mutations among patients with implantation failure was significantly higher than among controls. More than three gene mutations among the 10 genes studied were observed in 74% of women with implantation failure and 20% of controls (P = 0.0004). 

It is concluded that inherited thrombophilias are associated with implantation failure. This association is manifest by total number of mutations as well as with PAI-1 mutations.


  1. I have several mutations too. And, I also have the PA-1 one. I think I am up to 7 of them or so.

    I take bloodthinners (Fragmin and baby aspirin) and fish oil and do IVIG.

  2. It's very hard to go in court and try to dismiss or reduce a ticket on your own....that's why it's recommended to hire a qualified person to do that. I learned this only when I got my first speeding ticket Toronto because when I received my first I went in court alone and I couldn't convince the judge....the lawyer I hired the second time was a professional that knew exactly what to saw and when to say so off course my ticket was dismissed:)
    It was the most important lesson I learned lately

  3. So glad that your speeding ticket fiasco is over! And you didn't lose all those points. Hooray!
    It has to be so frustrating to test positive for another blood clotting disorder, but I'm glad you know more and know about it.

  4. That must’ve felt like a really long day for you! But at least you got to reduce your points. The four-point difference is definitely a big thing. So, how did your defensive driving class go? I wish you already got your points cleared, and you're back on the road better than ever. Take care!

    Norma Richards @ Just Bail Bonds


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