Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Day

In my region we have had barely any snow this year. We had a small storm near Halloween and that was it. Since then we have only had a few dustings that just melt the next day. Yesterday morning the kids told me that it would snow.  Kids have a snow radar. All of a sudden they noticed it had started and yelled out "its snowing" then they tried to flock to the window. I  have to close the shades in order to get their attention back. They get so excited when it snows.

Today is the first snow day of this school year. This is one of the perks of being a teacher. Yippee  I am so excited. It is still snowing and the forecast says it will continue all day. Being that I am the one home, I am responsible for clearing the driveway and making sure to remove snow from any bushes that are slumped over, but that is a small price to pay.

In other news:
TPT: I have had a lot of sales from Teachers Pay Teachers. Thank you to all my loyal customers. I love making stuff for my class, but when I can sell it to others it makes me happy. I am just honored that someone liked my stuff. Making some extra money is great too.

Family: I was so upset that I emailed my dad and said that this was out of control. He spoke to my Aunts. One of them got on FB and wrote a whole page. She is awesome.She mentioned how we should treat each other and that we have to come to an agreement peacefully or we are going to cancel it. I spoke to some of my cousins. It became clear that this is a battle of those with kids against those without. We spoke to them about what they really wanted. They said they wanted to put the kids to bed at night and then have time for adults. OK so now that the real issue is out, we started to look for places to make them happy. We are getting very close to an agreement. We are thinking about renting a house so the kids could sleep while we would have the living room. FX that we can find a place that is affordable.


  1. Ohhh, the ulterior motives of those with kids... ;P
    I'm so glad it's getting better. And yay for snow days! I miss those!!

  2. I am so jealous that you had a snow day! We've had buses canceled once, but schools remained open so I still had to go to work. I could really use a day off!!!


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