Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Not So Annual, Annual Exam

About two weeks ago I went to get my annual gyn check up. It had been awhile so I thought it would be good to get back into the habit. When I got there the Dr told me it had been four years............ The whole thing was pretty routine. You know the drill. I was hoping to just focus on my health and not have to bring up IF.

When the Dr came in, she asked me if I was SA. I started to laugh and said, well I am married so my DH hopes the answer is yes. She asked me if I was TTC, I reluctantly told her that I can't have children. Then she asked me about what I have tried...........UGH I should have made something crazy up....but I went over the list again. I know she was just trying to be helpful, but I was not there for advice, I made it clear on my form that I was only there for a health checkup. Next time, I will have to write, please don't ask me about TTC.

I started to tell her that one positive outcome of my IF was that I discovered I had multiple blood clotting disorders. She wanted to know their names and write them in my chart. I was not prepared for that. I told her that I have a huge binder at home full of my info, but it did not occur to me to bring it. She knew two of them. I could not remember the others.

She said if the test was bad, she would call me and if it was good they would mail it to me. It has been about two weeks, I have no idea how long it is supposed to take. ERGH

It had been about 6 months since I had an US at the clinic so I did not ask for one at the gyn visit. Personally, I think they should scan everyone at least every few years to check for fibroids etc. I had a huge one pressing on my bladder and had no idea until I went for my first US when I was having issues TTC 6 years ago.  In the future I will ask for one to make sure nothing grew back.

I did ask her for a mammogram script. Being that I am 36 and have two Aunts with BC, I thought I should start. She gave me the script and I have to call to make the apt.


  1. Ugh, I really need to see my local dr, but this is what I'm dreading. The last time I saw her was 9 months in to TTC - a lot has happened since then, and while my NaPro has done my pap on time, the rest of the stuff needs done.
    I'm so sorry you had to deal with this.
    Prayers your mammogram is clear!

  2. This is a good reminder for me too. I haven't had my annual check since before my last set of surgeries.

    I hope your mammogram is all clear too!

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