Thursday, September 12, 2013

Attended the orientation today

I had my adoption orientation today. It was almost two hours long. It was very emotionally draining. I will write more about it next time. It does give me hope. I am very excited.

I got home today all pumped up and then I saw a letter from Reprosource. It was a bill from a blood test I had last November. YUP almost one year ago. It was really crappy to get a reminder of my failures today. I am trying so hard to move on.

It was for $850. Oh but they are giving me a discount if I pay by 9/23. I have had many tests run by then over the course of a few years and they were all covered 100%, so I am not sure what happened. I will have to email my contact who was always very nice to me and see what the deal is.

UGH so I am wondering if anyone had this happen to them by Reprosource  or any other dr etc.


  1. Interested to hear more about your orientation! I agree w/ Lucky billing issues are no fun.

  2. So glad the orientation was such a positive experience! Continued prayers for you.

    Billing issues are awful - as if IF isn't bad enough :(.


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