Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Photographer

The  real estate agent, was waiting for the photographer outside of our house. The photographer was really late and finally called the real estate agent. He said that he was done taking photos and he was surprised that the agent did not show. The real estate agent, tells the photographer that it is impossible bc he was waiting outside of our house the whole time.

He tells him that he went to the wrong address. Same street different house number. The real estate agent asks the  photographer if he just did the outside. Nope, he did the inside too. It seems that the  photographer rang the bell and a man answered. The  photographer tells him that he is there to take pictures bc the real estate agent, requested his services so they can list the house. The man lets him in. The house is a total mess but the  photographer takes the photos anyway.

Later on a police car drives by and stops at my house to ask the real estate agent why he is taking photos of the outside of the house bc that guy called the police. Then the real estate agent, tells him about the mix up. The officer says that it must have just been the outside. Then real estate agent, tells the officer that the man let the  photographer into his home and allowed it to be photographed even though it was a mess and he was not going to list it.

OMG  I was hysterical hearing this story. DH and I hypothesized that this man must have let the  photographer in and then called his wife who said that she was not expecting a photographer and they were not listing their house. That is probably when he called the police.

It felt good to laugh bc we have been so serious these past few weeks.

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  1. LOLOLOL!!!!!!! Oh my gosh - that is TOO funny!!! Why in the world would that guy let the photographer into the house - even if his wife "set it up?" I just can't believe some people. :-)
    I'm catching up on all that has happened with you - Congratulations on finding your house!!! It is so fun to get settled in the new place (not the cleaning, packing and unpacking part). How exciting!!!
    I'm so sorry about case #5 not going through - and I totally understand the feeling of a BFN - it just hurts. I'm keeping you in my prayers that you will be matched soon. <3


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