Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Offically Listed

Our house has been officially listed and there is a sign post in our front yard. YEAH. I am so excited. It was a lot of work but so much easier than filing for adoption. My house has never been so clean for so long. DH is really motivated to sell quickly so he has been picking up after himself....

We still have a little work to do with the closets and garage. I am fine with someone seeing them but it would be more ideal to straighten them up and organize them. Today is the first day in a few weeks that I did not have to work on the house, so I get to relax. It feels great and I am so happy that I accomplished my goal of getting it listed.

Hopefully we can sell it soon. Our townhouse is part of a four family unit and we are on the end. This is very desirable when looking for a townhouse since you are not stuck in the middle of others and you get more land.


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