Sunday, May 3, 2015

Case #5 Reopened

We have been very busy looking for a new house. It has been exciting but exhausting. Every other night we would go out to look at something and then the other night we would pack up stuff in our current house. We also made runs to the storage unit. Looking at other houses is great research when you are selling your own house. I realized how important it is to declutter and clean your house. It is amazing the range that I saw from totally empty vacant to full blown they live here and you can totally tell they are slobs.

We got a few car loads out of our house and it already looks so much larger. We also found a bunch of hot spots that need some TLC like paint touchups or that hole in the back wall of the garage that I never bothered to patch.

Then in the middle of the day last week, my dh calls me and said that the sw called him to say that case #5 was back open. This was the case that I got the call in March and the bm chose another couple. It seems that the couple backed out and now we are it. This case seems very unstable. The other couple who already experienced a take back decided they could not risk it.

Since the due date is not until July and we are still in full blown  house hunt, we said yes. I am not really sure exactly what is going on and we still have to meet with the bm. I am not getting my hopes up since the details seem iffy and there are still two months to go. We are rolling the dice for now and not telling anyone about this bc they won't understand and I don't want to get their hopes up.

At least for now, it seems that this was meant to be. We would not have been able to afford both the house and the adoption, if we adopted first bc we would have used our cash. Since we are going for the house first we can use our cash for the down payment and then borrow from the house for the adoption.  It is crazy bc you end up paying the same amounts but the down payment must be in cash and the adoption can be a loan so you have to get the puzzle pieces to fit just right.


  1. You never are going to know anything for sure with adoption until the expectant mother signs the papers. hunting and a potential adoption...lots of exciting stuff going on! Good luck with it all!

  2. Prayers for peace! I get not telling anyone - guarding your hearts seems wise, given the uncertainty of the case. I look forward to updates, and will pray God's will is done!

  3. I pray for you guys ALL the time. I know that there is a baby out there (or on the way) that is meant to be yours. I pray for peace in your hearts until that baby is in your arms. Good luck with the house hunt. I hope it all goes smoothly for you. HUGS!


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