Sunday, May 10, 2015

Made an Offer

I wanted to keep looking for a house that we both loved. DH was done looking and wanted to get something now. I always take forever to make a decision but he is very decisive.  He said we could get one of the houses that I loved...................EEEEEKKKKKK

We put in an offer on a house that was only on the market for about a week. We tried to stay calm and not get too excited bc we knew that it might be too late already. We also put in an offer that was below asking price. They countered our offer with a little more. We accepted.

It does not seem real to me that I bought a house. I am still very cautious bc it is not official until closing and anything can happen. We put down a deposit and will close at the end of July. They don't want to move out until the end of August bc they are building a new house and can't get in until then. They will pay us rent for one month.

We found a mortgage that will help us out. It is adjustable so we don't need to put down 20%. We can still avoid PMI and only put down 10%. This will help us tremendously when trying to arrange money for the adoption and the new house.

Now I have to get my house listed and sell it. I have been working every night to declutter, visit the storage unit, and paint. My main project is still the garage. I have painted most walls and most of the ceiling. I started to paint the floor grey and it looks amazing. As soon as that is done, we can finish moving stuff out of the other rooms into the garage and clean.

 Adoption News:
Case number five is closed for now. The grandmother is going to file for custody bc the bm is not legally allowed to parent. I am fine with this bc I knew in my heart that it was really iffy. I never got attached to this one. I have also been so busy with the house that I did not have time to get my hopes up.

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  1. Congrats on the new home and good luck with listing and selling your current home. IT's good to stay busy with the adoption waiting. I find that helps a lot.


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