Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gender Reveal

I went to the store  with the intention of buying gender neutral clothing. I don't really mind yellow or green so I thought it would not be a big deal. When I got to the store I quickly realized that there is a very limited selection of gender neutral. All of the cute stuff was very specific to one or the other.

I fell in love and just had to buy a few things in pink or purple. This little dress and sweater was my favorite. I texted it to my family for a gender reveal. So now you know that the baby is a girl. It makes it more exciting and more scary at the same time.

I went out and got the basics to satisfy the social worker which was clothes, food, and diapers. My friend gave me a car seat and a pack n play. I spent about $300 on basics and even tried not to spend that much.

 I bought some newborn and some 0-3. Some of my friends said that their baby was small enough for newborn at birth and others said they went right to 0-3. I made a list of what I got at each store so I could return it if needed. I am not opening up anything until I see how big the baby is.

I put everything out in the living room for DH to see. He did not say anything. This has been really hard on him so I knew that I had to find a way to expose him to things without pushing him too far. I asked him about it and he started to open up about his fears. We had a great talk.

One week until due date!


  1. Congrats. Praying for you all and for baby girl! :)

  2. Awesome!! That must make it feel so much more real. Praying for you, the baby, the birth parents, and everyone involved!

  3. Wow it does make it so much more real. Continued prayers for all involved!

  4. Congratulations!
    I pray everything goes well.



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