Sunday, July 19, 2015


We decided that we would contact the sw on Monday 7/20, since that would be a week since the last time I contacted her. On Friday, 7/17, I got a phone call from the sw.

The sw said that the bm had gone to the hospital and she might be in labor. We spoke a little bit about the next steps. She said that we had to wait and see what the bm wanted to do. She might want to see us right aft birth or she may wait until discharge time. The could be 2 days for natural birth and 4 days for c-section. She said that we might bring this baby home on Sun or Mon.

She also mentioned that discharge could take 3 hours and we had to attend a newborn care class.
I got really excited and called dh. The bm went to a local hospital that specializes in women's issues. Everyone around here loves that place. It is small and has great staff. The sw also said that they are very adoption friendly. She called them to remind them of the case details and gave them our names.

After I got off the phone with her, I went into cleaning mode. I think it was a combination of trying to keep my mind off of it while also making sure my house was ready for a baby.

A few hours later the sw called back and said it was a false alarm. The bm was not in labor so they sent her home.  I was expecting to get another call back that night or the next day, but here I am on Sunday with no news.

The positives that I am focusing on are the fact that I actually got a call when she went to the hospital. I am very happy about that since I was under the impression I would only get a call after the birth. This means that I will get a day or two prior notice. She saw the dr on Fri which makes me feel better knowing that everything seems to be ok.


  1. Such an exciting, yet nerve-wracking time! My guess is that since bm has already started showing signs of labor, that baby will be here so soon! If you guys are up for it, go out on a special date night to celebrate your last days as just the two of you. :) It'll take your mind off things, hopefully, and will be a memory you look back on fondly. Hoping you get to update us again soon with the BEST news! :D

  2. Oh wow! So much suspense! It's great that you can focus on the positives! Praying for you and all involved!

  3. Oh my goodness I can't imagine what you must be feeling! Continued prayers!

  4. HUGS!!!!! L :o)


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