Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pack N Play

My friend gave  her pack n play to another friend a few years back and now it was going to be mine. I figured it would make a good temporary crib until after we move next month. I really didn't want to get a crib yet anyway.

My friend brought the pack n play over and we attempted to set it up. There was no instruction manual but there were some instructions written on the bottom. It seemed really straight forward. Get the sides to lock. We tried for over 30 min and could only get one side to lock. We tried pulling up. Then push the button in while pulling. We kept hearing a sound like it had locked but then it would not stay. She called the primary owner and asked her about it. She mentioned that she had a hard time with it too.

We decided that it must be broken bc we were able to get the one side to lock. We went to the store to go look at new ones and try out the floor models just in case we had missed something and needed to ask someone at the store for help. We got the floor model and we were able to unlock and re lock the sides with no issues. I debated about whether or not to buy a new one in the store. It was cheaper on Amazon so I decided that I would order one when I got home and  hoping that it would get here before the baby.

We went back to my house and started to fold it up for the trash. That is when my friend yells out "it locked." I could not believe it. We then were able to lock the other 3 sides in two seconds. We unlocked and then made sure we could lock it again. This time it was so simple.

It turns out that you have to lock the sides first before pushing down the center to made the bottom flat. When we did sides first, it was simple. When we had previously done bottom first it would not lock the sides.

We had a good laugh about this.


  1. Pack n plays are super tricky .. Glad you don't have to buy a new one

  2. They can be frustrating to set up and take down....sometimes it takes a few tries. Glad you got it figured out. Sometimes I can get mine up in one quick snap and other times it takes me ten minutes.

  3. The pack n play is an engineering marvel (ha!)'s like you need a PhD to figure out how to fold and unfold it. But once you've got it, you feel like a pro and you'll never miss it again! Glad you out-smarted that thing! Praying for birth parents and for you all.


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