Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April CD5 update

Here is a nice photo of my crocuses. They are the first to bloom. They open and close throughout the day and stay closed when it rains. It was nice to be able to catch them fully open in the sun over the weekend. I love flowers. I love taking photos of them too. My tulips have sprouted above the ground, but they have a long way to go before blooming.

The start of a new cycle always brings hope. Here we go again.
CD1: started antibiotics/probiotics
CD3: started Femara. I will take two pills at night for 5 nights.
CD4: I went in for baseline testing. My numbers were okay with no surprises. I was happy to see my FSH was only 10. Now I know that 10 is the high side of normal, but after I saw 37 once, I am glad to see ten. My US showed a small follicle on the left. I love my left so I hope the left leads again this month.  I will go back for monitoring in 5 days to check my follicle.
CD 5: Pill count for today 7 plus multivitamin and  fish oil. The nurse came to my house to draw lots of blood for my repeat immune testing. Thankfully my blood flows fast. The nurse from the Dr's office emails me to tell me that I will also now have to take Estrace in addition to my progesterone post peak because the lupron trigger destroys the corpus luteum which supplies estrogen and progesterone. Hmm that is interesting that they never mentioned that when I took the trigger before. My p+7 estrogen levels have been low in the past 5 months 25-79, so maybe this will help. I just do not need one more pill to keep track of.


  1. Wow, this is getting more exciting every month! You have such a positive outlook - I love it! Dear God, please let this be the month!

  2. Your pic is lovely!~ I love pictures of flowers.
    I hate taking all these pills. I think cd5-cd15 is the worst for me-13 pills/day!!

    I am praying for you and your left follicle! Great plan!


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