Friday, February 25, 2011

Cycle Review and Update on Supplements

Cycle Review:
Spoke to my wonderful napro Dr today. (Dr KB) for my cycle review. I had so much to tell him about my adventures with the RI. I was also excited to tell him about my progress. This is the first time in a year that my follicle ruptured thanks to the lupron trigger. When I told him, I was finally able to accept success  (You get so used to constant disappointment that you build up a wall to protect yourself. I was scared to admit that this worked, becuase it may not work again next month and I didn't want to get my hopes up and get crushed.) It was nice to be able to celebrate a small victory with someone who understands how hard it was to get to this point.
Then we spoke about my immune tests and how I was diagnosed with elevated killer cells. He mentioned
Low-dose naltrexone. He said that Dr. Hilgers uses it to treat women with Endo. There is another Dr. in Ireland who also has success with it. He did not know exactly what it did, but he said that it interacts with the immune system. He suggested that I go ahead with the RI and do the intralipids first to see what that does. This will also give me time to do some research to see if this would be an option for the future.
When I Googled it, it was very hard to make a decision. Some sites said it raised NK cells, some said it lowered them, and one said it would stop them at first but if you continue to take it then it would raise them. It seems that LDN is used for many auto immune conditions, so it may be hard to tell.
I checked Dr.Beers book and could not find any mention of it. I also posted on my forums to see if someone knows more than me. I am excited becuase I am now making some progress and I am trying the intralipids for the first time next month.
Update on Supplements:
Today is the one month mark of my new supplements. Last month, I was afraid of how my GI tract would handle them. I am happy to report that  nothing bad happened. I have been taking a tablespoon of fish oil every night. It is not too bad, it tastes like lemon. (I opted for one spoonful versus four pills.) The only pill I did not take was the resveratrol becuase when I did some research, it mentioned affecting your estrogen and not to take it if you are sensitive to it. When you  have endometriosis and fibroids you stay away from excess estrogen.


  1. P.PVI had me on LDN. It was for anxiety, but that had me keep taking it during the pregnancy because it helps sustain early pregnancies.

  2. My Md has me on LDN as well. She says it will help increase your beta endorphins that can help regulate all your hormones. In addition, it can help with immune system, especially the killer cell issue.
    Good luck. If you decide to take it- the titration is s-l-o-w. (well it was for me, b/c I am so dang sensitive) can cause crazy insomnia if increased too fast. I am on 4.5mg

    I bought the Dr. Hil.gers book, and he talks about (for some people), being on higher, 32mgs. I plan to ask my Md ab it in my April appt.

  3. This is the information leaflet from the Dr in Ireland.


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