Saturday, July 30, 2011

Faith of the Heart

Last week, I participated in a research study on Catholic women and infertility. She is still looking for more participants. If you are interested, contact me with the link the the side and I will send you her email address.

It stirred up a lot of emotions from the past four years. The feeling of isolation when trying to find a non ivf alternative. The pressure from the drs who did not respect my  values. The feeling of desperation when the Dr told me that IVF was the only treatment despite the fact that he could not find anything wrong with me. The stress on my marriage and how it almost ended over this crisis. I shed some tears but I don't think she could tell over the phone. Towards the end I was reminded about how blessed I was to discover napro, to find support online with the forums/ blogs I visit, and to help others through my blog.

It reminded me of the opening of a show I used to watch called Enterprise. It is based on star trek. The opening showed how people throughout history overcame tech challenges most thought were impossible: Travel by ships, planes, and then spaceships. The song is very inspirational.

So even though at times it seems impossible for me to reach my dream I will find a way. I have made some advancements too. With each new dr, I learned something new: RE, Napro, and immune issues. Hopeful the immune testing is the final frontier.

I am at the end of the 2ww so we will see what happens in the next few days. I decided not to take a test. I am going to wait for p+17 and go from there. I am still feeling very hopeful overall bc I took tons of immune tests last week. At this point I have another week to wait for the results to come back.


(The version used in the show Enterprise sung by Russell Watson)

Some of the Lyrics to Faith of the Heart by Rod Stewart
 It's been a long road
Getting from there to here
It's been a long time
But my time is finally near

And I can feel the change in the wind right now
Nothing's in my way
And they're not gonna hold me down no more
No they're not gonna hold me back

Cause I've got faith of the heart
I'm going where my heart will take me
I've got faith to believe
I can do anything
I've got strength of the soul
And no one's gonna bend or break me
I can reach any star
I've got faith
I've got faith
Faith of the heart

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