Friday, December 10, 2010


It has been two weeks since I wrote my RE about that Treatment. It seems like so much longer. I have not heard back. MY DH says no news is good news. I have no idea if this DR is even in the office and has seen my letter or not. So uggggghhh on that. I decided to give it a month and then request a phone consultation after the new year to discuss this.
There has also been some drama with my ovary. I went to the clinic for a CD4 scan. She said the mass on my ovary was bigger. It looked bigger to me, but it is hard to eyeball size. So I spoke to my napro Dr. I am still getting it remeasured next month at a real US place to see if it grew. It not then yeah it is most likely a hemorrhagic cyst. If it got bigger then it might be a tumor. He said that infertile women can just get tumors and it does not mean cancer. The problem is if it keeps growing then I will have to have another surgery to take it out.....I have had 5 so far. I do not want anymore. He is also having me take a blood test for ovarian cancer antibodies just to see. He said that having endo could make the number higher than zero so this test may not tell us anything.
So here I am waiting like always. Waiting to hear back from the RE, waiting to see what is going on with my ovary.
I am not taking any triggers this month. We have come to the sad conclusion that they do not work. So unless I am able to try that other med from Japan my journey is over.


  1. Lord willing that ovary growth is not anything more than a cyst. Unfortunatly, with's all about waiting and more waiting. Praying you get a call from your RE and you get some good news.

  2. I just found you from Wheelbarrow Rider. I am praying for you!


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