Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What a rollercoaster ride!

Oh man where to start? My life is one huge roller coaster. Yesterday I went in for my P+7 bw. I did not take any triggers this month, so I know that it would not be ideal. WHen I got the results my heart sank. I usally have progesterone around 15. This time is was 3.5 OUCH REALLY? The only other time it near that level was August when I also did not take the trigger. So maybe the triggers actually did  something? but then I never got pregnant so they did not do enough. My estrogen was also really low 25!!! SO I got really depressed and did the two things I do when I get bad news. I eat junk and then I spend all day doing Internet research. Yesterday I found nothing and gave up. Today I sat here for about 3 hours straight-no lie and finally found something good! Oh man so now my pulse is racing and I am up again.....I am used to being up and down so I try to enjoy the up before I crash again.

I found a yahoo forum based on reproductive immunology. There were many posts about using G-csf! This is the drug from that study in Japan that said it can cure LUFS, the one my Dr is too chicken to try. So I started to read all the posts. Most of the interest was using the drug to prevent implantaion failure, but there was a huge interest. At first everyone lamented over the fact that no dr would use this drug.  Then there was a woman who found a dr, used the treatment, and got pregenat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Cow. This Dr is in NYC. I checked out his webpage. The only downside is that he does do IVF, but I won't do that with him. I just want his to give me the drug that might cure me..........
So now I am trying to calm down and not be too impulsive. My current Dr who I love and have been with this whole year has been dragging his heels. Do I contact this new Dr first or wait to see what my  current dr says? Oh man. I cannot wait....
I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

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