Saturday, December 4, 2010

Waiting to find a Dr to take a chance on me.

I have gotten used to waiting. Waiting over 3 years to have a baby. Waiting every month in the 2ww.
Now I am in limbo and I am having a very hard time waiting because I do not know how long I have to wait to find out one way or the other. I contacted my RE by letter last week. I asked him to treat me with the medicine I found in that study from Japan. He has not gotten back to me yet. My current Napro Dr. told me to talk to him about it in January, but he is still undecided.
So here I am waiting to see if there is a Dr willing to take a chance to try this medicine. A medicine that may not even solve my problem. I can't believe that I have to put so much effort into getting someone to take a chance on me. If these two say no, then I have to keep looking for someone else. This will be the last thing I could try before giving up and accepting defeat.

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