Monday, April 18, 2011

Update to LUFS Strikes Back

 First, I  want to thank all of the women who left comments on the last post. It is so hard deal with all of the ups and downs.  All of you out there who cheer me on, keep me going. I am so lucky to have support.

I went in today for another US. I dreaded going and seeing that follicle mock me. I cried in the car on the way there just thinking about how big it will be. In the past when I had a lufs cycle I never got another US a week later.

I got myself together and went in to my apt. I have been bold enough to request the nice nurse. Why not? I am tired of getting stuck with the mean one who judges me. So I started asking and they always say yes. The nice nurse came in. She was the one who scanned me on Thursday. So we spoke about what crazy thing will be in there today...Then she said with excitement. "It's gone!"

Yipee!!!! Woohoo!!! I was so happy. So it decided to pop after all. It took its sweet time. So now I have no idea when it popped. Sometime between Thursday and today. My chart is all wacky. I have been taking progesterone suppositories since Thursday night. So now I am concerned whether or not that medicine kills sperm. I never thought about it before, bc you take it 3 days after your peak day when you are in the clear.

Now this raises some questions about my timing. I had told My DH since Thurs to make sure we BD this weekend just in case. But, now I am not sure if the sperm even had a chance.....hmmmmm always adding new thoughts to this puzzle. I have to talk to my nurse to see if she still wants me to get the HPT in one week or wait, since it may not be a true two weeks after...... Even if the progesterone killed off any chance, I am still just so pleased that it popped. You don't know how hard it has been to continue month after month. I spent a whole year dealing with this, and I am finally making some progress..... YEAH back in the game....

So now I have another issue to discuss with my Dr. at the end of the cycle. If  I do not have a rupture, do I hold off of the progesterone and then get another US days later????

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  1. Glad to hear you popped!! So glad you are back in the game :) Keep up the positive outlook~~


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