Saturday, April 16, 2011

LUFS Strikes Back

The last two months have been glorious. I was LUFS free. Here is a link to info on LUFS if you are not familiar. I had started seeing a new Dr, started some new supplements and magically it was gone. I thought I had finally moved passed this challenge. I had spent the whole past year trying to find a treatment.

So this month everything was going the same as the last two.On Monday I had some tests done. My follicle reached 27 mm, my LH was over 40 and my progesterone was 1. These were all indicators that I was actually surging on my own. I took the trigger anyway to get an extra boost. The next day I went in and my levels still looked great. My progesterone rose to 3. Then I went in on Thursday, 3 days past trigger, with confidence that I ruptured again. Well to my surprise my LUFS came back. The follicle had grown to 37mm with no sign of any fluid escaping. UGHHHHH The nurse doing my US was in shock. She could not believe it either.

 I was so upset. It felt like I got punched in the gut. Here I thought I had moved passed LUFS and was working to treat my immune issues. I wanted to scream, cry, give up. Then I started to think back about what I did differently this month. What did I do? What did I eat? I started to blame myself for not being strict enough. I had actually relaxed a little bc I thought the LUFS was gone. I had some cheese, chocolate, ice cream. I painted my nails, wore perfume. etc. I started to drive myself crazy. That is when I remembered the big change this month. I took femara for the first time. My follicle was much larger than it had been the past two months. I am hoping that it was the Femara bc I can stop that. I know in the past I read about clomid causing LUFS, but there is not too much out there on Femara.

I called the nurse to ask if I should take another trigger or continue to take my estrogen pills etc. She spoke to the Dr and called me back. She said sometimes the follicle opens up and the egg comes out but then the follicle seals back up, so she wants me to continue the estrogen just in case. I had spoken to the Dr about LUFS in January, I know that he does not really think it happens. She said sometimes, well for an entire year, I had the same issue so I know that it is LUFS and not what she said. There was no fluid released and the follicle was perfectly round and it grew 10mm since the trigger. I was really surprised that it grew so fast, that is about 3mm a day. I go back on Monday for p+7 estrogen and Progesterone. She wants me to add an US. So we will see if it got any bigger or not. The estrogen will also be another indicator of whether the follicle ruptured or not.

I guess I just have to ride this one out. I have about a week and a half  to go. I do not have hope for this cycle. Maybe a miracle will happen. I get to speak to the Dr myself at the end of the cycle. I will have to ask about the Femara. At this point, I do not think I will take it next month to test my theory and see if I have LUFS or not. My DH was really great and supportive. He kept telling me that at least I am still moving in a forward direction. I wanted to give up and he talked me out of it.

At least I have the sock swap to look forward to. Read about it here. Today is the last day to sign up. Then this weekend I will organize all the match ups and send out the letters. I am also participating so I am excited to get my pair. My vacation starts today. I get the next week off from school.


  1. I am so sorry.

    I admire you so very much Simone for all that you are doing to spread selflessly the word about LUFS, Napro, etc.

    I keep refering people to this blog since its one of the best sources of information out there. You are our example. .

    I will continue to pray for you.

  2. Ugh! I'm so sorry. I can feel your frustration for your situation in your words. Praying that you get some more answers about this cycle.

  3. Yes, I'm praying too. I hope answers come soon. You're a warrior!!!

  4. I hope you get your answers! I'm glad the doctor talked you into keep going! Prayers for you!

  5. So sorry!!! I will pray for a miracle, maybe little eggy did come out and folly sealed back up? My hunch is that it was the femara~ It is a stim med and it makes your follicles grow....

    Praying for you!!!

  6. Thank you for all of your kind words. You ladies cheer me on and keep me going when I am down....
    Well a miracle happened. I went in today for an US and it was gone! So I am still not expecting much due to my poor CM, timing, and taking progesterone right around the time it popped. I was expecting it to be huge or hemorrhagic (breaking down) but I am so pleased that it actually popped!!
    WOOHOO back in the game....This is such a roller coaster......


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