Friday, October 14, 2011

p+7 Oct 2011

Today is p+7 and it was the first time I got p+7 BW done since June. I took the summer off and it was glorious. I had no idea what to expect since I just started taking blood thinners and I had a huge left over cyst on one ovary.

I did take a progesterone supplement last night bc I have many months that  show that my progesterone plummets naturally, so now I want to make sure I am getting enough  supplementation. My estrogen is either really high around 300 which indicated lufs or it hits rock bottom like 33. So I started taking estrogen supplements. I take one pill a day that I cut in half so I get half, twice a day.

I went in and after she took my blood it did not stop at first. She makes a face and says ooh we have a bleeder. At that moment I start to freak out bc I am on blood thinners. I start to imagine scary things like not being able to clot from this tiny hole in my arm and bleeding all over the place not getting back to work before my break is over etc. She has me put my arm up and press on the gauze. It did stop with no real issues, just my imagination. Today my numbers were good. e was 171 and P was 14.8. I like those numbers and I was glad to be in a normal range.  Now I have one more week to wait.

My YI came back. UGH I have not had one in years and now twice in one month. So either the first one did not truly go away, I binged too much on brownies and chocolate pudding, or one of my new supplements is causing issues. ergh

Tomorrow we are going down state for  a 50th wedding anniversary party. It will be about 4 hours away so we are staying in a hotel over night. I decided to treat myself. Tomorrow morning I am getting a massage and a manicure. My last massage was over the summer, but i cannot remember the last time I had a manicure. It must be years. I don't even paint my own nails. I am hoping that this will help me deal with my sister and her bs and her new pg.


  1. I hope you enjoy(ed) your massage and mani. You DESERVE it!!!
    I'll be praying for you this weekend as you confront your sister. I hope it goes well.

  2. Us IF girls need to pamper ourselves!!! I hope that all goes well with the party!


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