Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two Years of Creighton Model Charting Completed

Today I started my 5th chart. At first I was really bummed to start a new chart bc that means AF is here. I started to think about how I have been charting for two years and how far I have come.

When I first started TTC back before napro I did a BBT chart. That is when I first diagnosed myself with a short luteal phase. I was so proud to show my obgyn but then he told me it was a waste of time and would only cause me stress. Then I went for two years with no charts at all. The RE did not belive in any type of charting either. The RE told me my cycles were normal bc they were 28 days long.

When I first started napro in November of 2009 I was happy to be able to record some data again. They not only encouraged it but they needed this information to make a personal diagnosis.  Right from the start my charts gave my napro dr some valuable information. (Up to this point I had been labeled unexplained and the RE had told me that nothing was wrong with me.) The first issue discovered was my TEBB. I was shocked because I had it my whole life and thought it was normal. I never ever had any gyn dr ask me what my af was like. They always said I was normal bc I had 28 day cycle.

Then right away another issue popped up. I had really long CM cycles. The funny thing is that before charting I never knew that CM even existed. I remember when I went off BCP that I saw something weird. Now I laugh at myself because it was a large amount of CM. I had never had it before bc I was on BCP for so many years. Then even went I went off them I was not looking for it so I did not know that it was normal. Charting taught me some really important facts about the human body that I did not know.

Charting also helped me to realize that I would never ever need to go back on BCP. At this point  being that I am still IF, and have some blood clotting issues I would never go back on them anyway. But, if the need ever came up, I now have the skills to be able to plan naturally. I wish I was taught this stuff way back when. They taught me about BCP in public school. Around the same time period in religious ed they told me not to use it, but they never told us what we could do. Even at our wedding prep, there was only a pamphlet. When you are 25 and think you know it all why would you bother?? I really wish that class was a mandatory part of pre-cana. 

So back to my charts. Well my peak day was also late around day 21 which goes with the 28 day cycles that appear to be normal but in reality I had a short luteal phase. I had surgery and my peak day started to move closer to cd 15. I still struggled with long cm cycle but at least I was able to get off of the yellow stamps.

So after two years of charting: my peak day is now around 14-16, my cm cycle is now in the normal range. I still need to take progesterone supplements or I will have a short luteal phase. At least AF is predictable which makes life easier when dealing with events, trip, dr apts etc. When I stop the supplements af arrives on the 4th day after. I like to time it so when I need to go in on day 3 for my us it does not land on the  weekend when the dr is closed.

I am so glad that I learned how to chart. I have a record of my cycle for the past two years. I can see the progress that I have made. My charts look more normal. There are patterns that help me to plan my life. I learned a lot about my body and found a healthy natural way to regulate my cycles.

I had my annual review session with my FCP. She is so wonderful. We talk on the phone bc even though she is the closet to me, she still lives hours away. She gave me a good grade on my charts. She encouraged me to become a FCP. Honestly I would love to, but it is a big commitment which is one of the reasons the program is so great. I wish they had a FCP juniors I would love to get trained on the first session. I would go around and make the rounds at pre-cana or some sort of meeting. I would explain the program and give an intro to a group. Then I would provide them with info on the FCP to work with. I am a teacher and I would love to teach the basics and get other women excited about the program. We don't have anyone in our area and it would be great to generate interest. Maybe then someone else would want to become a full term FCP.

I encourage anyone who has not been through the program to learn how to chart. Let me know if you need information on who to contact to get started.


  1. Oh, but there IS a juniors program!! You can become a FertilityCare Instructor, which would mean just attending Education Phase I - you could teach the system and then if/when a client needs yellow stamp management, you would pass them along to a Practitioner.

    I encourage you, too!! I think you'd be great.

  2. Hooray! Become a FCP jr. :)
    You have so much knowledge - you will make a difference teaching! ... and I agree, I wish we had this course as part of our pre-marriage prep. It was only when I saw "the pamphlet" two years later that I started NaPro and charting. I feel like I "wasted" two years. Ugh.


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