Friday, October 28, 2011

My New Favorite Nurse

Today I went in for my CD3 baseline follicle scan. You never know what crazy stuff you will find in there. I got a new nurse. I have been going to my clinic for many years now and all the nurses know me by name. The Dr who owns this clinic closed another one that he owns so he brought those nurses here. We introduced ourselved and made small talk. You have to get to know someone before they probe you right? She was very nice her name was C. She said she has been doing this for 30 years. Good, I thought, she has experience.

Then I had to give her my right ovary's history. It has some crazy things that are always there, some of the nurses have had trouble with it. She takes a look and knows what I am talking about. Yeah. I had a large 45 mm cyst from August and it was still there, but it now has an irregular shape and seems to be shrinking. She said that sometimes when they are large they take a while to go away. It was ok bc it was on my right and that one does not really work anyway.

Then she goes to the left. It was a clean slate. YEAH. That means no new cyst!!! Hoorah this is a big deal for me. Then she wins me over and becomes my favorite. She took her time to really check me out. A lot of the nurses do not bother and they just rush. She started to look at my antral follicle count. None of the nurses had ever bothered to count them before. She counts then and tells me the number. I asked her what is normal. She says that it varies so I got worried. I asked her what she thought about mine and she said it was "nice" NICE NICE NICE OH YEAH. I was so excited to hear someone say that my ovary looked nice. I got so excited that I feel hopeful again.

We talked about LUFS and she knew what it was. WOW Nobody knows what that is outside of Napro.  I used to request S but now I am going to request C. She seemed to understand me and did not judge me.

I am so excited to have a new favorite nurse......=)

Since I got the BFN I have been thinking about what went wrong. I know that sometimes it takes a normal person a few months, but I am not normal so I worry. I have the lufs under control, the NK under control. I started the blood thinners so now I am wondering if I am taking enough. I go to the Dr for a CBC next week. I am going to try to get a test done to check if I am getting enough. If that is fine, then the last piece must be my uterus. I tested low for uterine embryo protection cells so I may have to find another treatment to address that. I thought the neupogen would cover it but I am not sure. My only other thought is that 3 years ago I had uterine polyps removed and maybe they came back.


  1. So glad that you had such a nice nurse taking care of you!

  2. Yay for a nice nurse. It makes all the difference I think :).

  3. Awesome!!

    I know what you mean, once my Dr told me my cervix was "beautiful," and I think I devoted an entire blog post to it because I was just tickled pink :)


  4. Hooray for a nice nurse! and one that has ALL THAT EXPERIENCE! Wow! She sounds like a God-send.


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