Saturday, October 22, 2011

3 updates in one post

1) Work Drama: It has been a month today since this began.
Here are the old posts in case you missed it. part 1    Part 2   Part 3   part 4   Part 5 
At this point it has been swept under the rug. I do my daily work and try to enjoy my students. At least I do not have to see the adults face to face all the time. I gave this a lot of thought. Even one month later since my emotions have calmed down, I still feel that I was taken advantage of. What will happen the next time an issue comes up? My dh convinced me to go higher up. I spoke to another rep in another building to see what her thoughts are. She was very nice, professional, and unbiased. She took down some notes. She said she did not know the answer but is going to talk to another rep who is higher up than herself. She said this may even have to go outside of our school. I was so relieved after talking to her. If she comes back and tells me to move on then I will accept the fact that she is unbiased.

2) Redbook Magazine: I was so honored that other women out there agreed to help me get our voices heard. Thank you again to everyone who added  info on their blog, forwarded an email, or sent in a letter. I am so excited about this. If you missed the post here it is. Now we have to wait and see. If anyone gets a response back, please let me know.

3) TTC: Yesterday was P+14  I had a cheap internet test at home so I took it and it was BFN. I am still in denial so I bought a FRER test at the store and will take it tomorrow.   AF will not show until I stop the progesterone. I cannot bring myself to stop it until I get a BFN and know for sure that it is over.  I should know better than to expect it to work ever but this month was the first month with a new medication. You know how that goes, you get excited again hoping that this will finally be the missing piece. At first I was mad that I stabbed myself in the belly many many times for nothing. Then I remembered how excited I was to even have this chance. I am starting to face the reality that this did not work. I was under a lot of stress last month and I had two YI so maybe that interfered???

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  1. I hope that the higher up rep can help you. I really don't think what you're dealing with at work is fair.
    I know how you feel about starting a new medicine and it being the "missing piece." I'm always anxious and excited at my cycle reviews with the thoughts of "what medicine will I be put on this time," and then when I get the same old stuff, am disappointed. I really hope your meds work this month. I can't imagine belly shots - that has to be so tough!


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