Friday, February 24, 2012

Rocky Field With Weeds

I had my post op apt with my napro Dr. It was very interesting. He showed me photos. I did not expect that. He sent them to me in a ppt..LOL so I took a look. I am not very squeamish. In fact I love to watch medical shows, horror movies, CSI etc. but to see the inside of my womb was gross. It is supposed to be smooth. Mine was all lumpy and it looked like a cave with stalactites. He said it was all red and inflamed. Of course nothing would ever be able to take root in a nasty place like that. He said this was the main issue. He said that just removing them may not solve the problem. He said something is causing inflammation. UGH.  I had them taken out 3 years ago so I know that what he is saying is true. At least I am on the right tack with the immune consultant.

We set up a plan to get a few more immune tests run. I see the hematologist next week. Once all my tests come back I am going to consult with the immune Dr. So I have this cycle to make consults and order meds. After I got off the phone, I cried bc my insides were so ugly and instead of having a fertile garden I have a rocky field with weeds.

FB Drama
I also am not sure what to do about my family. I have spent all week looking for new places to make everyone happy. I took in consideration the cost, location, kids, meals, activities etc. I started with 30 places and kept crossing them off one by one. I had a hard time bc they want a holiday weekend and those cost more and have less availability. I finally found a few and was getting ready to present my options when two of my cousins jumped in a said they are voting for the 5 hour away place no matter what. OMG Really. I started to cry. I could not believe it. How selfish can they be? I wrote one of them a private message and told him how hurt I was that he would not even hear my suggestions. I said that he is voting to exclude me. I also said that this bait and switch was cruel. That was this morning and I have not heard back. He is such a bully. My Aunts are "staying out of it" I'm upset that they are just standing by. It is a fact that bystanders allow bullies to behave that way.


  1. I am sorry to hear that something is continuing to cause inflammation in your womb. I hope you find the cause, you have had such a terrific struggle for so long. I recently had my mercury fillings removed and would suggest if you have any that you do the same. My IgA marker was always up when tested, until a month after they got taken out. Now it is normal for the first time ever. I don't think this is a coincidence. here is a link to a recent study that shows compelling evidence that they can cause issues of all types in our bodies. I think it is worth crossing off the list.

  2. Hi Simone- I was just remembering my time of struggle when it seemed that all I had were problems & hurdles to overcome. I have loads of respect for you & hope too because you are uncovering your issues. Most women don't get so far! Don't give up! Inflammation is a biggie. Do you think acupuncture could help along with all the immune treatments? Help to calm your body down? I know it's expensive but it could help your treatments work better. I will keep you close in my prayers (I think family is the main cause of inflammation!- that is kind of a joke :)

  3. I am so sorry. Hoping you you find an effective treatment for the inflammation soon.

  4. I would be curious to see the inside of my own womb! My doc says I have inflammation as well. I am taking a product called "Zija", which is a powder that I pour into a glass of water & drink in the morning. I used to have brown bleeding alot during the first part of my cycle, but I've noticed in the last month that it is getting less and less. I don't know if its worth mentioning, but I thought I'd let you know.
    I hate the drama your family is causing. You are being raked over the coals and its SO not fair b/c you are doing so much to HELP OTHERS. I will be praying for you.


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