Sunday, February 12, 2012

FB Sister Drama

OMG my sister is really pushing it. As you know we have not spoken in 3 years. If you missed the drama you can use the search function on the side and it should pop up. Well things have been quiet since she ignores me. Whatever! Recently I had to go down to see my family for something. My family lives about 3 hours south of me.

We drove down and there was a dinner at a restaurant. Each family sat together. I saw my sister and my parents already sitting together and something inside me just snapped. She is about 7 mos pg and I think that I knew I just could not sit there and listen to her go on and on about it. I just refused to sit with them. I am also tired of being ignored. I asked my aunt/uncle and cousins if they had room at their table. Thankfully they did. We had a nice time. I had not seen them in months so it was actually nice to sit with them. At the end my father asked me if I was mad at him. I told him no, but I refuse to sit down and eat next to someone who ignores me and treats me with disrespect.

I got back home and my  cousin started a FB closed group that included all of us. The intent was to start a discussion on where to have the next family reunion. This was the first time that my sister and I  were on the same FB anything. She stopped speaking to me before I joined FB so we were never friends on there. Well, the first discussion was where to have the reunion. The past 4 years it has been really far away. It was in a place that was about 5 hours away in another state and it was not easy to get to. The reason is my one cousin set it up so she chose the place.  She lives the farthest away. Everyone had to drive all the way out there and they did it every year. Every year I asked for it to be moved closer bc I would not drive that far. I never went.

I was so glad to finally have the discussion open up. A few people agreed with me, but my sister kept bringing it up that she wanted to go back to the same place. I was furious. She knows that I won't go there. I made a comment about not being able to travel that far, so let's pick a new place. Last night she made a general comment about  having to suck it up bc family is more important.  I knew that was directed at me. I was so mad, but I had to sleep on it. I have always told myself that I would not go Jerry Springer on FB in front of people, but now I realize just how hard it is to resist that temptation to stand up for yourself when someone disrespects you.

Someone mentioned an indoor water park place in another state. My cousin said that was too far as it was almost 7 hours from her. I suggested the same park in a closer state. I asked my cousin if that was too far for her bc I understand how it is to drive too long. Then my sister writes back that the water park is not that great and she again insisted that we go back to the first location bc that place that I don' want to go. OMG I wanted to slap her in the face. I am a shy quiet nonviolent person, but this was it.

My DH told me to take a breather and not write anything on FB that I would regret. Then he had a great idea. He found a website that allows you to type in all the addresses and it will calculate the midpoint. Eureka! He is very logical. He said you have to win an argument with math and not emotions. I love him!  I did that and found that the midpoint was only about 2-3 hours from me and most of my family. The midpoint was about 5 hours away from my one cousin which is the same distance to that first place.

I wrote up something and had my dh edit it. I wrote about how the focus of the family reunion is to gather family and the entertainment is secondary. I wrote about the midpoint and how it was not necessary for all of us to go 5 hours away when we could find something closer by and be fair to everyone. I even copied the picture of the map to show everyone. I then requested that we find a location close to the midpoint so that we could be fair and maximize attendance.

OMG my heart rate is up. I am so upset with her that she would continually try to exclude me from the reunion. I would never do that to her even though she is treating me this way. I am waiting to see her response. I do not want to get into a FB fight. I promised my dh that I would not send any replies without talking to him first. This group is just my family members but I still do not want to get into it. I can only imagine after seeing my post, that the rest of the family would never consider keeping it at the first place, but my sister is a real nag.


  1. Oh, family drama! Your sister sounds like quite the character!

    I hope and pray that logic prevails and that the rest of your family chooses a reunion site that works for the majority.

  2. Hooray for your hubby! He sounds like mine ... all logic! :-)
    I really hope your family members have more common sense. I'm so sorry that your sister is such a mean person. She is ruining it for your entire family!
    ((((( Hugs )))))) and prayers!

  3. Ugh! Family drama...I am quite sure it is a very good thing that my brother lives in Texas!!

    Prayers that it all works out!


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