Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A New Low

My family drama continues. There were some really ugly parts and then it started to get better.

Today is p+7. I did not take any medications since I had the hysteroscopy this month. I did not really expect anything to happen this month due to lack of meds and that procedure. So I thought this would be a good month to take a break. This was the first month in years that I have allowed myself to not take any progesterone. Without supplementation, I have a short luteal phase of about 8 days so I knew that I had to take it or else I had no chance at all. I knew in my heart that I would get a short cycle but still had hope that my body would learn. It was also the first one in a year where I did not take a trigger shot.  I debated about whether or not to get p+7 blood work done. When I take my meds they are usually consistent. I kept debating and then I thought why not? I should see what my body is doing on its own.

Today I woke up and had a tiny amount of spotting. Of course being p+7 I  thought to myself woah could this be implantation spotting? Then two min later reality set in and I thought AF??? ugh. I went  to get my blood drawn anyway bc I had to know. When the results came back I had hit a  new low. I have never ever had a p+7 this low before. Most of my non med numbers that are low were around 5 but today it was 1.5 Holy crap. My estrogen was 93. I was really confused bc usually when I have lufs my estrogen is really high like in the 300s. Being that it was normal I am not sure what to think. I did not get any monitoring done so I have no idea what went on. I guess this is just a reality check that my body desperately needs progesterone bc I have a deficiency. 

I am sure that AF is on her way. What a cruel joke being IF and having a short cycle. I am only on CD21 ergh.....So even when I stop trying I will probably need to supplement my progesterone or get a 3 week cycle.

I have my follow up with my Dr on Friday and I have an apt to speak with the hematologist next Friday.  I have to gear up to get back into the fight.


  1. Your cycle sounds like my first post-op one. I couldn't believe how short it was without supplementation!

    I hope your appointments with your doctor goes well!

  2. thanks for the comment. I was wondering if the procedure had anything to do with it. He did not touch my ovaries so I did not think it would matter. I suppose the sedation or pain meds could have messed something up. AF showed up yesterday which was p+7 so that is a new low record for me. This was the first time since starting charting that I was surprised to see her.

  3. Oh no! I've had really low Prog. & Estro. levels these last few months.
    I hope this is just a fluke and your next cycle is text-book perfect.

  4. Your post is certainly one of the best source of valuable information every reader must follow. Glad to hear a lot from you soon. Keep on sharing! Thanks


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