Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Speeding Ticket

Last month about 2 weeks after I got my new car, I got a speeding ticket. I was driving down a road that looked like a highway but it was only a 45. I was going somewhere unfamiliar and had the GPS on. It was early in the day and there was nobody on the road. I was not really paying attention to my speed bc I was worried about making a wrong turn.

All of a sudden I saw a cop with his lights on. He told me I was going 70. I really had no idea, and it was a total accident. He gave me a ticket and told me to appear in court on Feb 1 bc I could try to talk it down. I waited a whole month and today was my court date.

I drive 30 min to the town court. I get on line to show my ticket to the clerk. The room is full of people so I am thinking I will be here awhile. I brought papers to correct just in case. She sees my ticket and tells me that if I plead guilty  I will get 6pts on my license and have to pay court fees on top. Since they suspend your license at 11pts, this is a large number of pts. It turns out they do not assign pts on first offense etc. They just assign it based on the crime. She tells me if I plead not guilty then I can come back another day to talk it down. I must have had a really dumb look on my face. I told her that the officer said to come tonight to speak to the judge.  She said nope, tonight is just to chose guilty or not. So I got really mad, but I had to keep my cool. I said so, I could have just mailed this in.....

I was also confused bc I was guilty, I did speed, but if I admit that then I do not get a chance to explain and ask for leniency I think she caught on bc then she says, if this is your first offense just plead not guilty. I really had no choice bc the penalty of 6ts is too high. I would also have to pay court fees, and then the DMV gets you for $300 for the driver responsibility program when you get 6pts in 18 months. REALLY??? So for my first offense this is what I could get....ughhhhhhhhh

So I had no choice, I plead not guilty  took the paper she gave me and left. Then I read that I have to come back NEXT month for a pre-trial meeting with the ADA. If we agree to something then I do not have to go to court. If we do not agree then I have to go back to court. OMG so I am not sure what will happen. This is my first offense but I was driving 25 miles over the limit. That number sounds outrageous to me but the road was empty and my new car has a super quick acceleartaion. I barely tap it and I am going 40.

I am going to tell the truth. I am going to bring my car receipt and tell them that I just got a new car two weeks prior, so I was not used to the acceleration since my former car was 14 years old. We will see what happens. Even if they reduce it one point I will not have to pay the stupid responsibility fee. It is crazy that I drive without issue for 18 years and I never get any reward but I screw up once and I get hit hard. By the time this gets settled it will be months later.


  1. Ugh! So much to go through, but hopefully it will all be worth it.

  2. What a hassle! I hope that it all works out in your favour!

  3. What! Do they think you have all the time in the world. I like your strategy of showing them you had just bought the car.

    Little JoAnn

  4. I agree with Little JoAnn .... they should give you leniency as you have a great record and a new car. Of course, the gov't will make you jump through hoops for anything! How frustrating! I hope you win. Keep us posted!
    I, on the other hand, have a lead foot. I got a speeding ticket driving to my parents' house for Christmas. :-(

  5. It's important to tell the truth but this procedure is really stupid.
    I recommend you to hire a lawyer specialized in such cases if you want to avoid the 6 pts penalty.

    That's how I canceled my last speeding ticket Toronto....I hired a lawyer that somehow found a legal bug and forced the court to cancel my ticket:)
    If not they will give you the penalty and you'll have to be very careful not to get other tickets.
    Good luck!!!


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