Monday, February 20, 2012


Since I am a middle school teacher I may be more sensitive to bullying. I work really hard to teach my students that being a either a bully or a bystander are not ok. We talk constantly about compromise. How to make decisions when two people do not agree. We talk about voting, flipping a coin, rock paper scissors, trying to put the other person first etc. I make it very clear that the loudest person does not simply get their way. I also have to remind them that we do not say "that one is mine."

When I taught in a catholic school we called this morals and we had Jesus to be our role model. I would always say to them, what would Jesus do? Now that I teach in a public school, we call it character education. I work with 12 year olds who are starting to learn how to put others first and be civilized.I am very please with their progress.

It has been really hard dealing with my family on FB.  My sister is an atheist. I am so embarrassed to admit it. But it goes with the way she behaves. She always puts herself first. I thought my other west cousin was christian but I am not sure. Most of my family is Catholic but they are becoming bystanders. They are allowing the loudest one to get his/her way. I finally convinced everyone to take a real vote. I set up a poll on FB. The only ones who voted were the loud ones. Then they were like oh yeah I am sure the others are ok with this. I said, no we need to call them and make them cast a vote.

My DH asked my west cousin why he was so stuck on the 5 hour away place. My sister chimed in with "oh that place was great. Our original plan was great and why are we making such a fuss now." I don't remember when they voted the first time. I keep hearing about how everyone voted the first time. I really think I was absent. That is why I am making sure this time that everyone actually casts a physical vote.

I understand that not everyone will be able to go every year. There will be some compromises that need to be made. But, if someone has a reason that they can never go I think that needs to be addressed.  I cannot believe this behavior. 

They don't realize my tenacity.


  1. Stick to your guns!!

    Ugh, atheists......I think they are the most selfish people out there. They are accountable to no one, have no reason to try to be moral. It's like a big excuse to act like a jackass. The sad part is that in the end, when they find out how wrong they were, it will be too late.

  2. You can do it! I hope and pray that this reunion business will be resolved for the best!

  3. I'm so sorry that your family is not cooperating and the "loudest one wins." Unfortunately, I know that's how it goes. I'm praying that you can move the location to somewhere that works for EVERYONE!
    How frustrating! Children get it ... but adults don't.


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