Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Comparing Napro and RI ( LUFS and Endometriosis)

I had some time to digest all that information and I started to think about how napro and reproductive immunology are different and how I can merge them in regards to endometriosis and LUFS.
Endometriosis: Dr Hilgers believes that endo is a surgical disease and he has had great success after removing it.  The RI thinks that Endo is an immune disease and causes problems even after you remove the visible endo. His treatment is to take high dose antioxidants
My thoughts: I am still glad that I had the endo removed and still recommend to others they also get it out. There are some women out there myself included who are still TTC after it is all removed.There are two types of endo and they are starting to do research and found there are two different  genes for endo. One type is the what everyone expects: pain and/or heavy bleeding etc. The other type, which most people are unaware of, is the silent type. You will have it pain free and won't even know you have it except for IF. I have the silent type and my endo was extensive. So maybe some people also need to deal with endo as immune issue and some only need to do surgery? Makes logical sense.
LUFS: My napro dr belives I have lufs. The RI said that it is very rare and does not think I have it. He thinks my follicle is rupturing and resealing itself..
My thoughts: I am not going to agree with a dr who does IVF because they ultimatley think everything can be solved by passing your problem and do not spend a lot of time researching actual causes of IF. He only spent a short time talking to me etc. Based on my p+7 levels, the US, and my LPD I still agree with LUFS.  I have read many times that most REs do not even think it exists, so at least he acknowledged it.
Working together: I still have to speak to my wonderful napro Dr, but I still trust him and want him to be the lead here. I got some good ideas to try that are in line with napro. The RI said  I could try the G-csf in the future. My narpo dr never told me no, but 3 times he said he was unsure, so I am so exited to finally have found a dr who will prescribe it for me. I bet my napro dr will be happy to be off the hook..  I am going to give the suppplements a few months and see if I can get my numbers down. (haven't been tested yet so I don't even know where they are yet) then I will move onto the G-csf which is the last chance I really have. At the moment I am feeling optimistic and have to remember to have patience and let the supplements work.


  1. Yes, NaPro has higher success rates than IVF.

    See all the reasons why NaPro is superior.

    UPDATE: Oh, I see you already have a 10 Reasons link. ☺

  2. I know this post is old but in case you're still reading I'm curious to know what you found in these last years. I also had the "silent" endo, stage 4 and lost 3" of my colon, appendix and a bunch of other stuff. Now I'm getting cysts on my ovary and suspect LUFS. Is there a connection? All of the inflammation in the pelvis due to endo can't help, although now my endo is gone and it's still happening. I hope you you were successful since this post!!! I could use a little hope.


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