Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1 week follow up with the new dr

So I spoke to my new dr last week for the first time. He said he would send me a plan and that S would contact me about meds and tests etc. So when a week went by and I had nothing, I emailed the Dr to check my status. He emailed me from his blackberry to say that S was now on emergency maternity leave and to call L. ugh, so I spoke to L today. She was very nice. I told her that I was not the usual type of patient at her office bc I am not doing IVF. She was very calm considering she got thrown into taking over for S. She asked me what I was doing and I was honest and said that I was not sure bc the Dr never sent me a plan. So she spoke to him and then she put him on the phone with me. He was very apologetic and kind of embarrassed he said that S went out unexpected and she had my file and he needs to call her to get it etc....He went over the plan. I had some things mixed up. Then he told me that the immune tests have to be done a special way and may cost a lot.......yikes... he did not mention that last time. I guess the service will call me to go over everything and then they come to your house to take the blood. I have no idea how much the tests will cost and if my insurance will cover it. My insurance covers everything IF related but if this is a special lab it may not be covered.........ugh..... thank goodness I followed up bc who knows how long it would have been before they noticed.
I also ordered my supplements. He wants me to take 3 antioxidants and omega3. I was lucky to get a screaming deal on the antioxidants. They were having  a bogo sale. I got 5 months for about 237 which is awesome. I still have not gotten the omega3 bc he wants me to take 4,000 and the highest they go up to is 1,000 so I would have to take 4  a day..blech ugh so I may have to start with one and work my way up.

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  1. Wow, I admire your pill popping ability! I am horrible at taking pills. Sounds like you're on the right road! Can't wait to follow your story!


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