Saturday, January 8, 2011

Excited about Monday's Consultation / Insurance Drama

 My consultation with a new dr. (dr #4) is on Monday. He is a reproductive immunologist. I ordered a book about  reproductive immunology from amazon. It is called Is Your Body Baby Friendly. by Dr. Alan Beer.  I am not one who likes to read, but I could not put this one down. I read the whole book in two days. It was a great book and easy to read and follow. One of the women involved with the book runs a yahoo forum about this topic. Immunology support group It has over 3,000 members. It was so great to read about all the ways the immune system can counteract your reproductive system.
I originally contacted this Dr to get the G-csf treatment for my Lufs. He said in an email that we could use that treatment. After reading this book, I am wondering if he is going to run tests first. This book mentioned endometriosis, which I have, and says that 60% of women with endo have immune issues that need to be treated. Now, G-csf is an immune treatment so that may be the key to this whole thing. I think this philosophy of RI compliments Napro very well. I would like to post someday about how they can work together, probably after I get into it more.

I am having a stupid insurance battle. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss with the north going zax and the south going zax who won't budge. It seems that if I can get a code, the phone consult will be a copay, if I cannot it will cost a lot of Benjamins. So the insurance company said it was covered but the Dr has to provide the code. The Dr's billing office said they do not have a code and I have to get it from the insurance company... Really?
OY VEY. The issue is that the Dr has a code for office visit but won't use it becuase I am not going into the office. The insurance company said it did not matter. So I am stuck trying to find a code for consultation.

At this point I don't really care, I just want to talk to the Dr and get going with this.


  1. How ridiculous! Silly insurance companies. I've heard that book is great! Happy reading!

  2. this book is very enlightening as well as the forum. I have not had the strenght to go back to the forum after my miscarriages, but will probably once I have my call with Dr. h in the next days. We will discuss where to go next and I might ask the group for their opinion.

    Another alternative to Napro or maybe I should call it complementary to it is a book called Making Babies , the doctor is in NYC and integrates both Western and Eastern medicine. He did IVF in the past and then discovered it did not make much sense and decided to study further other techniques and Eastern medicine. It really helped me to see how to complement my Napro treatment. Not sure how they see LUFS, but I know they have alternatives to help endo.

  3. oh geez! I am pretty sure dr. H uses an office visit code for the monthly phone consults. I always just pay a copay for them. I like your Dr. Seuss analogy.

  4. Hi! I didn't do Napro for long when I decided to go the RI route. My doctor is Dr. Kwak Kim in the Chicago area. I love her and though I haven't had success yet after 5 cycles I feel I am on the right path. Good luck with the insurance! I also do some Eastern medicine - acupuncture etc.


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