Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Hope and an Article about Catholic Blogs

Today I am filled with hope. I got an appointment for a phone consult on Monday with a Reproductive immunologist. I cannot believe that I got one so soon. I had to fill out a ten page questionnaire about all my history. Thank goodness I have kept great records on this blog and on excel. I am an old pro and was able to fill it out in 5 min.There were tons of questions about things I had never been tested for and some things I had never heard of, so I was happy to know that there are still some things out there to test for. I also printed out a copy of what I call my TTC resume. It lists all the medicines, cycle data, and outcomes for the past 3.5 years. I had to fax all 18 pages today. The only downside was that my DH was crabby about the outrageous consult fee.  There is a huge difference in the cost of living expenses from upstate NY to NYC. Let's say that the fee was almost as much as my mortgage payment. UGH  But my DH does not understand the value of hope. I would gladly pay anything to have hope. I checked out this Dr on the internet and all of his patients had great things to say about him.This sounds very promising and I am so happy right now to be able to get started with him soon. I do not know if he is going to just let me try the G-csf right away or if he will want to run some tests first. It is great to have a fresh pair of eyes look at my data and hopefully come up with a treatment plan. If this does not work out then I will have to accept defeat and move on. I cannot continue to play this game.

I also found out today that Our Sunday Visitor wrote an article about Catholic Blogs. It is great becuase I already follow some of them.

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  1. I'm hopeful for you! Praying 2011 is full of great things for you :)


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