Monday, January 10, 2011

My head is spinning

I just got off the phone with Dr#4 and my head is spinning. He is from Long Island and he talks very fast. He said a lot of things and I tried to take good notes. He said he is going to email me a summary so it will be interesting to see what he emails me compared to my notes.

Cysts He said to run estrogen on day3 to see if the cyst is active or not. He said E<60 it is a simple wimpy cyst and will do no harm. >100 and it is active. Hmmm never had that done before. He said that women with endo usually have low levels of inhibin. This is the stuff that stops your ovaries from making new follicles before you get your period. I often will have a cyst at the start of my cycle which has always been a mystery. So this will be interesting to see. I always thought progesterone stopped new follicles so I learned something new. He said if my inhibin levels are low then I will have to take something to correct this. Then I will have to take stims bc I will have turned off my natural ability to make new follicles that month....ergh
Ovulation: Everyone has a different opinion. He said it is hard to tell if it is lufs or if the follicle sealed itself back up after. This makes sense bc my P levels are very low without the trigger, so maybe they were working all along?????? My estrogen levels fluctuate so that may also be an indicator that I may sometimes ovulate?? not really sure, I emailed him and asked for clarification.
Trigger shots: I think he said to try lupron. He said that when you take it for a few days it actually boosts your ovulation, but when you take it long time it will then suppress I asked for clarification on that too.
Blood tests: Not sure exactly what will be tested. He mentioned some things that could be high due to my endo and suggested supplements, asked for clarification. He did say day3 estrogen to evaluate cysts.
Main issue: He thinks that my problem is ultimately due to my endo. This is tricky bc Napro believes it is surgical and this guys believes that endo causes ROS and TNK to go high. He said that this could cause poor egg quality and interfere with sperm interaction. ugh....So he suggested a bunch of supplements to correct them. I asked for clarification of having blood tests first.
Supplements: He suggested a lot of supplements. I am not a pill person and I have a sensitive GI system, so I am not happy about taking all these pills. I asked for clarification on how long  I have to take them before I seen any results. (Pycnogenol, Omega-3,  Resveratrol, CoQ-10) I am also concerned about dumping 3 new drugs into my system at once.. Most of them are antioxidants. He said they will reduce the ROS. He wants me on a high dose of fish oil, and I am not sure about that with regards to my gi tract. I may have to start low and work my way up.....who knows? I am going to check the internet and forums.
So there are some things to test and some new things to try. My head is spinning and I am not sure what to think. I am glad to have new ideas, but it seems like a shot in the dark and I am not sure how much of that I can endure...He seemed confident that the antioxidants would be of great importance, but I am not a pill person....I am also still a little confused about whether or not I am taking any triggers or  meds.  I am going to wait for him to email my summary before I make any decisions. I also have to talk to my napro Dr about all this and get his opinion.

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  1. Wow, that is a lot of info. I'm not a pill person either so I understand your hesitation there. Maybe your napro doc will work with him to give you a balanced treatment plan? Hoping you find answers soon :)


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