Sunday, January 23, 2011

Google Search Words experiment

When I was first told that IVF was my only option, I could not find any help. I searched the internet and found nothing. So maybe I did not know the exact words to search.
Today I decided to do a little experiment on google and type in the search terms that I used in the past to see what would come up. I also thought that if I included them on this blog post maybe it would help others searching the same terms to find about about napro etc. If you are reading this and you think of any other good search terms let me know. The internet changes all the time, so if you repeat this experiment you may find different results.
Here is what I found out. It is really hard to randomly find a direct link to Dr. Hilgers / PPVI. You have to know exactly what you are looking for. Most of the hits go to articles or blogs and then you have to click them and read to maybe find napro mentioned. There are not enough direct hits to doctors that provide this service. You have to find a page with a separate search engine such as which is not very visible if you do not know to look for it. If you are lucky enought to find Dr. Hilgers you may see that he is in Omaha and may not want to travel. There are many napro doctors across the world but it is hard to find a link to them. Here is a link to catholic doctors who provide infertility treatment.
                         Search Results: I reviewed the first 5 pages of each search term

IVF 6 million hits
Alternative to ivf:  1 million hits.  Not all links led to approved alternatives.
catholic alternative to ivf: only got 190,000 hits. Most of the sites  mention napro. There are a few that sneak in non catholic links.
catholic infertility 590,000   mixed emotions about this one.  There are some good sites listed that give support. yahoo support group is listed.  There are a bunch of sites that are not helpful and they sometimes criticize Catholics.
catholic infertility support 64,600 hits yahoo support group is listed 3rd. A lot of good links to personal blogs and local support groups. Only a few non catholic sites.  The Gianna Center is listed.

infertility treatment over 5 million
catholic infertility treatment only 350,000 hits  This one is mixed becuase there are some good sites and some that are actually criticizing the catholic church's position on no ivf. There are no obvious links to Dr. Hilgers but there was one article I clicked on that mentioned him. I think all I saw were articles. I saw a lot of guidelines, but I did not see any obvious doctors or clinics. This is where we have a big problem. If someone is searching for treatment, you would expect a link to pop up for a doctor who would provide this service.
catholic fertility treatment 150,000 hits mostly the same as above except the Gianna Center shows up on the 5th search page.
pro life infertility treatment 270,000 hits   The third link goes to an article about Dr. Hilgers. On the 5th page I saw napro in a title.

infertility doctors over one million hits 
catholic doctors over 10 million hits
pro life infertility doctors 430,000  **Page two had an ad for an IVF clinic as its first link.**  Dr Hilgers is mentioned on Page 5

catholic infertility doctors 2 million Here it is.... So far this is the only search term that has given me a direct hit to Dr. Hilgers PPVI institute. The Gianna Center is listed on page 4. I did not see any other links for Drs. Mostly articles and blogs.
Catholic Fertility Center 126,000 Another good search term. 
Dr. Hilgers PPVI institute. is the number one link. The Gianna Center is also listed.

napro patient experience 1,210 
napro patient success 124,000 shows the graph with all different issues and napro success rates which are higher than IVF. You can also read the book Women Healed which has lots of success stories.


  1. Hi...I am new to your blog..I saw you comment on Sew's blog. This is a great post!!

  2. Hello St. Rita's Roses and welcome. Thank you for stopping by.
    I have been doing napro for one year now. The other day I remembered how it took me over two years to discover it, so I thought that maybe I could make it easier for others to find it.


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