Friday, January 21, 2011

New Supplements, upcoming blood tests, and I finally told my napro Dr.

My shipment of supplements came in the mail today. I got a 5 month supply bc of the great sale with bogo. I got three antioxidants to help deal with my endo. Pycnogenol, Resveratrol, and CoQ10. They came in pretty bottles so I had to take some photos.

 It is always exciting to try something new. In general I have a phobia about pills getting stuck in my throat. When I started taking biaxin I had no choice. Those pills were huge. Now I take them like a champ. So when I saw how large one of the pills was, I had a moment of panic and then told myself you can do it.I was not thinking about pill size when I ordered. Next time I refill I may get a smaller mg and take them twice a day....who knows they are pricey and I may end up being ok after 5 months....=)

I also got my prescription cd3  bloodwork in the mail. Most of the usual suspects, FSH, LH, etc but there were two new ones, inhibinB and AMH, so I thought that was cool to have some new things tested.

Then I got a call from the immune testing lab. She was so nice and she was so excited to tell me that they are in my network so she is going to bill the insurance. Yeah! She said the tests costs 2,000 without it... YIKES. She said worst case scenario I would have to pay 400 if the insurance denied the claim....phew...They are going to mail me a kit and then they send someone to my house to draw the blood. I will get results in about two weeks. The kit is coming on Wed so I will be getting the tests done next week. It is a great feeling to have hope and some new ideas/tests to look forward to.

I also spoke to my napro Dr. I was worried about telling him that I consulted with another Dr. He was fine. He said he values second opinions and new ideas. Ok, so that was a huge relief. He brought up the G-csf again. I asked him 3 times in the past and he has always stalled. This time I told him that Dr. JB is willing to prescribe it to me bc he uses it. I asked my napro dr to double check with the Japanese Dr to get a protocol together. We are going to regroup and do a cycle review in two weeks. Hopefully he has the info ready about the G-csf bc I am so ready to try it.


  1. I also have the pill phobia, so I def think you are handling it like a champ! I have to drink and hold water in my mouth prior to throwing the pill in and swallowing them together. I couldn't swallow a pill until I was fifteen. Oh, the irony, right...?!

  2. I have a pill phobia too! It wasn't until I started my period and had terrible cramps that I started to swallow pills. But I hate it! You are truly a champ to be taking those. All for the best cause, right?! So excited for you!


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