Friday, July 8, 2011

Moving Along With More Testing.

I am so exited about working with KP. So far she has been great. I faxed her packet to my napro Dr. KB and I am waiting for his approval or to see if he wants to speak to me first. Most of the tests are from labcorp which is local and covered.

There are a few immune tests that I have not had done before. Getting immune tests done is more complicated. The blood has to go to Rosalind Franklin in Chicago. When I was with Dr JB this was his specialty. He ordered the tests through reprosource. His office made a big deal about how difficult it was to order the tests and his fees had to reflect that.

So now that I left him and went back to KB who does not specialize in immune testing,  I was not sure what to do. I contacted RF and they said I had to get the blood drawn, wrap the many vials in a towel, put it in Tupperware and take it to Fedex. REALLY? They do not provide any type of kit. This just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. ERGH I know that labcorp employees can be surly sometimes and the thought of explaining to them that I had to take my blood out of there in tupperware was making me anxious.

 I decided to contact reprosource myself and asked them if the Dr had to pay a fee for their service. I was willing to pay, but I did not want Dr KB to have to since he is already doing me a favor. The rep at reprosource was wonderful. I explained my situation and she totally got it. She said there was no fee to the Dr. They are in my network  BCBS, so it was no big deal. In fact, she took down my Drs info, filled out the form to make it easy for him and sent it to him. Since I had used them before all my insurance info was on file. WOW. I am so impressed. If you ever need immune testing I would recommend using reprosource. I have tested 3 times with them now, and their customer service is great. I am so glad I got the nerve up to call them.

Now when Dr. KB is ready all he has to do is check off the tests on the form and fax it back to them. Then they  call me to set up the nurse. They send the tubes prepacked in  a shipping box with a fed ex slip. I have to pay a small amount for this wonderful piece of mind.

I am so thankful that I just said a prayer for all the wonderful people who are helping me move forward on this journey. Dr KB and his nurse JJ, my immune consultant KP, and the rep at reprosource.

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  1. I am so happy to hear this! Dr. Wonderful is great and his staff are so helpful! Hope these tests yield lots of answers!!


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