Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Waiting for Contact

I received my consultation packet last Tuesday from KP. Now I am waiting for my dr to look it over and make contact with me. His nurse was nice to email me last week to tell me he was out last week. So I know that it could be another week or so before he catches up and has time for me. I am trying to be patient but it is hard. I have to stay off the neupogen until after I get my tests done so it does not affect my results. Since I have to stay off of it, I want to get the tests done asap to try and be able to go back on it before 7dpo.

I decided to take a partial break this cycle. I have not been able to take a total break in a long time. I just cannot allow myself to do it without knowing I would regret it. This month, I decided to take a break from going into the clinic for US monitoring. I am tired of getting probed. I am tired of making the appointments and spending all the copays. During the year I have a great break time to get appointments. My schedule during summer school is not  as accommodating  so it makes things harder. I felt that I needed to skip the appointments now and take a break.

I am still taking most of my meds, the antibiotics for TEBB, and the supplements. Then if it works out, I will take the neupogen post peak, if not I am not going to fret.  I can still take my progesterone supplements post peak.

So even though I am not really taking a break, I feel relieved to cut something out of the routine to make my summer more enjoyable, less stressful, and save some money.

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