Friday, July 22, 2011

100th Post

I thought this was going to be my 100th but then I checked and now it says 101.

I remember when I first decided that I wanted to have a baby, I went to my gp and told him that I was ready. I asked him to run tests on me to make sure I was healthy etc. He laughed and told me not to think about it bc it would stress me out and make it worse. He did not run a single test. That was four years ago when I solely trusted my dr. Now I have learned to double check everything and ask for tests that I read about and switch drs as needed.

Yesterday I went with my DH to get blood drawn to send out to the immune lab. He had not gotten blood drawn in about 10 years. I could not believe it. He was great. He only had to get 3 vials done. I had 5 done. The nurse was so nice and friendly and I did not feel a thing. I copied down the tracking number and it is on its way to the lab.

Today I went to labcorp to get more tests done. I was nervous about getting so many tests done at once. I also had to fast.  Since I made an apt I was able to go right in. The nurse was great. She had me sit in the recliner. I told her that I usually don't get such great service. She said due to the fasting and the number of vials, she thought it would be better for me. Then she printed out the labels and started to take the tubes off the shelf. Oh man there were so many. She said that the computer has a limit on the amount of blood they are allowed to take at once. Thankfully I did not max out. She said it was a good amount of blood and close to the amount you would donate. I filled up 20 tubes. She did not use the snap like thing that you can feel every time they switch tubes. She used an extension line and I could not feel her switching. It was great bc there were 20 tubes. This could have been a very painful experience but it was great.Then she gave me a bottle of glucose and had me relax in the chair for 15 min to make sure I did not feel dizzy. She was so sweet.

Over the past 4 years, I have had many many blood draws. Sometimes you get a great nurse and sometimes you get the nurse from hell. I am so thankful that I was able to get all these tests done the past two days. I am really thankful that I got two great nurses. I asked for the nurse's name so I can call labcorp and give her a great review.

So now begins another chapter. The past two days I had 25 vials of blood drawn for 21 tests that have never been done before. I checked labcorp's website and it seems that the longest test takes about two weeks to come back. Hopefully there is something there that is treatable. Now begins a 2ww of a different kind.

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