Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Every Difficulty is an Opportunity in Disguise

Well AF showed so last month was a bust. To be honest I was kind of numb to it. Maybe bc I was already so sad a week or so back. This month was my right ovary. This ovary had been asleep since January. This ovary is covered with endo so I never  expect that one to work. I was surprised that it took a turn. Since starting the new meds my lufs has been under control. So I have to remember how I suffered with it for a whole year with no hope of it ever getting treated. Now it is finally working.

Every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise
This is something that I found on the Internet and it is something I remind myself when I am having trouble. This is also a way of reminding us that God has a master plan for us and sometimes we have to take the scenic route. It helps me to remain patient and let go of the thought that I am in control, when I am really not. Last winter I was at the end of my road, after a year of lufs, there were no new meds available left to try. Then I found the article from Japan about using neupogen. I was so happy, but then my napro Dr was not comfortable using it.

At the time, I was crushed. But now looking back it was the right decision. Because he would not prescribe it, I sought out a dr who would. I found Dr JB who is a reproductive immunologist, something I had never heard of. He ran tests and I found out I had immune issues. He also helped me to treat my LUFS. Then I thought ok, now this is it. I had suffered for 6 months when I could not get the neupogen and it finally paid off. Then he doubled his fees. He would only speak to me briefly and made me feel uncomfortable to ask questions. I was again upset bc I could not afford him and he was causing stress.

 I looked for my options. I found KP who has a phd in immunology. She is wonderful. She is really easy to talk to. She answers all of your questions. I just got my consultation packet from her and I am really impressed. She put together a large packet of information.She explains possible issues and lists possible tests to check for it. She is very thorough. There are many tests in there that Dr. JB never mentioned. It is clear that she is very knowledgeable on the subject. I am very impressed at the time she took to put together this packet.

Dr. JB charged me 1,000 to consult. He ran some tests and then spoke to me for about 15 min. He said he would send me a report. He never did. Then when I pressed him, he sent me a rush job email.
So it is clear to me now, that I was meant to meet KP all along. I had to go through some difficulties to get this opportunity in disguise. If Dr KB had simply done what I wanted, I may have never gotten to this place.

Now I have to speak with Dr. KB to discuss  KP's plan and get his approval. Hopefully this will be my final step.

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  1. I absolutely agree..there was a reason to go thru that to find people that will help you! I'm praying for you simone!


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