Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Atlanta Trip Day 2

We were so excited to be in a decent hotel. We got into our room and started to dance. We took pictures of the hotel bc it was just so nice to be in a safe, clean room. We were on the 11th floor so we had a nice view of the city.

We got our costumes on: Wonder woman and Prince Valiant. Then we walked down to the convention center. We walked around and looked at the booths and vendors etc. Then something unexpected happened. Someone aksed if they could take our picture. Hmmm ok. Then another and another. I finally realized that it was the norm to stop someone and ask to take their photo if you liked their costume. I felt  like a celebrity or a model. It was really cool. I started to look out for cool costumes and get their photo. Then we went to the photo booth and got our photos taken by a real photographer.

We checked out the program which is huge to get an idea of  what we wanted to see. They have workshops going on in 5 different hotels. We loved Battle Star Galactica so we went to a Q and A panel for some of the cast members. We had great seats. It was awesome to see the actors and listen to them answer questions.

Later on that night we went to see the costume contest. The costumes were all home made. It was amazing to see the amount of detail and time put into the costumes. They had some that were more historical/theatrical and some that were fun. My favorite was bender from futurama.. 

We had a great first day and went home to crash. I discovered that my fabulous boots gave me some serious blisters. It was so worth it.


  1. I'd love to see your costumes too!

  2. Yes, a picture please! I'd love to see how great you looked.

  3. hmmm I have to think about that. While I do look like a super hero, I kind of want to keep some anonymity. After I finish posting all parts of the story I think I will just send a flickr link to those who request it. That way it is not just hanging out there for anyone to see. Thanks for your interest. Also we took hundreds of photos and the flickr link would be better than trying to post some on blogger. It fun to be famous for the weekend and not deal with IF.


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