Saturday, September 24, 2011

work drama part 2

I went to bed and cried. I could not stop. I did not sleep at all. The next morning I got out of bed really early. I felt hung over probably due to dehydration from crying. I had a huge headache. I checked my email and my boss had written me and requested a meeting and said I could bring a union rep if I wanted to.
ugh so I took some Motrin and made myself go to work.

I decided to schedule the meeting for the end of the day so I would not allow him to ruin my day and send me into another panic attack. I was not sure if I should bring the union rep bc i did not want to escalate things. Well, by third period word got around the building  and the rep came to my room. He said that I need to have a rep there at the meeting to cover my butt.

I did not go into the deeper issues with the rep. I only said that he did something that made me panic and I had to leave. I thought I followed protocol and was not sure what the issue was. He said that he would check the contract and let me know. He then said that he heard I was angry and made a scene and stormed off.

We had the meeting and my boss was so furious. He gave me the crazy dagger eyes. He said the secretaries told him I slammed the door. I told him I was sick and that I opened the door said I am sick, I am going home and then I shut the door. I apologized if they thought I did, but those doors are very heavy and noisy to begin with. He would not accept that I was sick He kept pressing me to try to make me say I was angry. I did not tell him I was crying hysterically, I only stuck to the "I was sick" script that the rep gave me. I told him that i have worked here for years and that if I left in a hurry he should know that it was a real emergency and that I had to go home. He did not believe me, but it did not matter bc I did not do anything wrong with the procedure. The rep asked him to clarify procedure for leaving with an emergency and that is what I had done.

Then my boss started talking about the grouping and how I knew it was coming etc. and we cannot do private practice anymore and it is his job to make others do things they do not want to etc. I just sat there and stared at the wall. I told the rep prior that I did not want to discuss that. The rep said ok so I think we have this issue resolved. Then my boss went into the I think you are a great employee speech etc and we still need to resolve this another day.

Then we all walked out. On the way down the hall, the rep was like wow there is some other issue there between you. I broke down crying and told him. We had a great chat. It started to make me feel better like I have a voice again. I told him that I may want to go back another day and discuss how i feel it is unfair my coworkers got to pick my job assignment and I had no say. Then I got thinking about how I have had the advanced group for 7 years. I have had to do more work and gives extra HW, grades, bc I teach 7th grade math to 6th graders. I think that since we are making changes this needs to go back on the table. I think one of the other two teachers should take a turn. I think the most fair would be a 3 year rotation, so I only have to do it once every 3 years. I only accepted that assignment bc it allowed me to have my ais group. Now that he is taking that group away I have no motivation to take on the extra work.

It will be interesting from a labor contract point of view to see if I will get treated fairly or not. I know that he has the right to pick your assignment, but I don't think it is fair that some teachers got a say and other do not. Also not all assignments are equal. The most advanced group is the only graded group. That means a lot more work.


  1. Yuck yuck yuck. I'm so sorry. He sounds like a piece of work! Stick to your guns and make sure your concerns are heard. It seems very unfair. Still praying for you friend :)

  2. Ugh! I'm so sorry about the work drama. That is so not fun. I'm so glad the union rep went with you to the meeting. I think you should have another meeting and talk about the unfairness in the workload, in not being a part of the decision making process, etc.

  3. I'm hoping you are taking this weekend off to relax and unwind from all of yesterday's stress!!! How horrible to have to endure that meeting with your boss!
    Your union rep does sound like he would be able to help, especially at the next meeting, to make sure you are treated fairly. You are still in my prayers.

  4. I agree with Perfect Power. I think for your peace of mind that you need another meeting with your admin. It is so hard that mediocrity is rewarded and that good teachers (like you!) get the shaft.

    Sending you hugs!


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