Saturday, September 17, 2011

Atlanta Trip Day 3

Saturday morning we woke up thankful for our wonderful hotel. We ate some power bars that we brought to save some money. We did not put the costumes on because we were going out to see the parade. We were lucky bc the parade route was one block from our hotel. We walked down there and found out that the streets were already packed. I did not expect such a turn out. We had to go down the street a little to find a spot where we could see. It was a great parade. They had all the costumes grouped by topic. Each topic had a banner to let you know what it was in case you were not familiar. There was such variety for example Disney, pirates, star wars, star trek, zombies, dr who, steam punk, super heroes, Harry Potter, knights and maidens etc. They had the Delorian from Back to the Future and the car from Ghost Busters. They had some floats and some music too. It was a very hot day in Georgia for that parade. I give those people credit.

Then we went back to the hotel and cooled off. We got our costumes on and went back into the convention. I had some major blisters from those boots. So I had to walk down town in flip flops and carry my awesome boots. I put them on when I got to the hotel. It was really hard to walk, but it was worth it. (I am not usually a fancy shoe person. I usually wear flats, so this was a big deal for me) We walked around and did some shopping.

Then we went to see Chad Vader. If you do not know ho he is you have to check him out on youtube. He is Darth Vader's younger brother and he is very funny. He works in a grocery store. There were two guys there. One guy wears the suit and the other does the voice. They explained how they came up with the idea, how they make the videos and how George Lucas did not sue them. In fact this guy does the Darth Vader voice for video games. It was really cool. We got to watch some clips from the show and ask him questions.

At this point we are walking around and other women are talking about following me bc I know where I am going. Hmmmm really? Ok so eventually, I go left and they go right. Someone yells out, wonder woman where are you going? The photo shoot is over here. Photo shoot? hmm really. I was not aware. So it was sheer luck that I was in that hotel. I got really excited and went out to check it out.  It was super hot out and the wig makes you even hotter. They did a large photo shoot of anyone dressed as a DC super hero. I was standing shyly by the side when they asked me to jump in. Then they started to separate the multiples out and take turns. I also got asked back.  I was having a lot of fun, but I was starting to melt. Then my DH wanted to leave to go see Captain Kirk.

We left to go get in line for captain kirk. They sign said the line forms one hour before it starts. Well when we got there, we found out that the line was already  outside the hotel and wrapped around the building a few times. We decided not to bother bc we might get heat exhaustion before the hour was up and then there is no guarantee that we would get in after all that.

We walked around some more and then we went to see a sci fi version of the match game. We both love that show from the 70s with Gene Rayburn. This was fun. The MC was the actor from Buck Rogers. Everyone had fun.

Later on we walked around some more. There are 5 hotels so you can walk around for a long time. We saw some new costumes, got more photos, people asked to take our photos. It was getting late, so the hotels were getting packed. It made me think of a mosh pit. You had to get in line to use the escalators. The crowd was so thick, they had security there to tell you to keep moving and not block traffic.

For dinner we got some event food like hot pretzels, hamburgers etc. There were so many people that there was no place to sit. So you have to sit on the floor. I was sitting down eating when a woman dressed as she hulk approached me to get my photo with her. She was so humble like I was a major celebrity. I stood up and her friend took our photo. Then the traffic flow stopped and people starting taking our photo. Then we started talking. She was so nice. She said I looked great. (I am normally a very shy plainly dressed person) I told her that I saw other women dressed the same that looked so much better and I felt shy. She said I looked "authentic" and had the best costume she saw. She said too many women are "pushing the spandex" I could not believe what she was saying. I was so happy that someone else thought I looked so good she had to stop me from eating to get my photo.

Later that night we walked home exhausted. My feet were so sore I had to do something. So I grabbed the recycle bucket and soaked my feet. My DH wanted to take a photo of the gross blisters, but I refused. I let him take a photo of my feet soaking. Then we went to sleep. What a great day.

(I tried to add some photos to the bottom and then blogger froze and I lost them. At the end of the whole story, I will send those who request it, a link to my flickr photo page.)

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