Saturday, September 10, 2011

Atlanta Trip Day 1

I decided to break up my trip into multiple posts because there is a lot to share and I know it is hard to read a book at once.

We got to our local airport and the plane left on time. The flight was great and quick only about 2 hours. We got there with no problems. I am very thankful for this because you always read about the horror stories about being stuck on the plane or hitting turbulence etc.

We got to Atlanta and took a taxi to the hotel.  We knew that it was not in the center of the convention but we thought it was a few blocks away. It turned out to be very far away where we could not walk. Then we got in and looked around. That is when I started to get that feeling of being unsafe. I realized that this was the kind of hotel that people live in. It wreaked of smoke.

We got our key and went to our room. On the way I saw some women who looked like they lived there and worked the street corners. Then I saw a man who was dressed as a stereotypical boss so I figured I was right. I started to freak out. We went to the room that was super tiny and smelled of smoke. The bathroom was a closet with no window and no sink. The shower leaked onto the floor and was right next to the toilet so your feet got wet. Our view was a wall. Then we looked at the sheets and they were stained yellow. So at that point with being far away, smoke, stains, and tiny size I freaked out. This was our big vacation. We had saved up for a long time and I was so upset that I had to spend 5 nights in this place. I don't need a fancy hotel just a clean safe one.

We booked through so we called them up. (We do not have Internet on our phones and the hotel did not have a computer) we told the woman we felt unsafe and unclean and wanted to change hotels. She put us on hold for 10 min and never came back. We called back and that time were placed directly on hold. I was really upset that they just abandoned us. At this point I was scared that we could not get a new room because of the size of the convention. We got out the phone book and went old school. We started calling up hotels. We found a nice lady from Canada who answered the main line for Marriott. She got us a nicer hotel a few blocks away from the convention.

We could not sleep because the bed was so gross and small. We took off all the sheets. The next day we checked out first thing. We went over to the new hotel and we explained what happened and asked to keep our bags behind the counter bc we knew check in was not for a long time. He let us in right away. YEAH!!!!

The new room was so beautiful. We had a nice view of downtown Atlanta. We had a nice bathroom, large bed with clean sheets etc. I was so happy to be back in vacation mode and not survival mode. We were only a few blocks from everything so we could walk around and not pay for cabs. At this point we are still not sure if we will get a refund from but we don't care bc this place is so nice and we are happy to feel safe.

(When the next post comes out you will get more of the story)


  1. I'm so glad that a fellow Canadian helped you out! That first hotel sounds horrendous!

  2. I'm amazed would provide a hotel like that. That first hotel sounds so gross. I'm sure it was an experience. Did you take pictures for proof of its nastiness? Maybe that would help your refund.

  3. yeah I was too. I have used them before many times with no problems. This time was crazy. I took pictures of the room and the sheets. I emailed them a long letter about how I felt unsafe and then I called to get help and they abandoned me. I even told them about the working girls and how I took pictures. All I got so far was a generic email saying that they got my email. Really? I would think that the moment you read my email you would call me to figure something out.

  4. Gross! I'm glad you spoke up. That's nasty!


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